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Chat Transcript with Criminal Minds Showrunner Erica Messer

picture @CM_SetReport

Who is Erica Messer?

The members of the CMRT were fortunate enough Friday to have a chat with the lovely and multi-talented Erica Messer. Erica is a writer, producer, and now the show runner for our favourite show, Criminal Minds. And like many of us who watch the show, she is also a sleep deprived mom. How Erica manages all she does, I will never know.

What I do know is that Erica is an amazing woman who has dedicated this 7th season of Criminal Minds to the fans. This is already being seen in chats, videos, tweets and the new CM_SetReport chat room and twitter account. I think that we, the fans, are extremely fortunate that Erica and her wonderful support team understand how much we love the show and how we crave more – all the time. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel more connected to the show than ever before.

I hope that the producers, writers, cast and crew of Criminal Minds know how much the fans appreciate the time they take to tweet with us and chat with us. Our team is back together and we have some promising new talent joining the writing team this year. I am very much looking forward to what Season 7 has to bring!

Thank you again Erica for taking time out of your extremely busy schedule to connect with the fans. If the season opener, “It Takes a Village”, is any indication, it’s going to be a great year! I only have one more thing to say, is it Wednesday yet?!?!?

ECM joined.
Sir_Bedivere Hi Erica
The_Lady_of_the_Lake Hi Erica
Guinevere Hi Erica!
Sir_Bedivere Welcome to Camelot
Merlin Hi Erica
Guinevere your avatar is still here if you want to use it
Guinevere :)
Sir_Bedivere Sorry for the small room tonight. It's Friday night and we hear there is a big jousting tournament in the square
ECM hey you guys!
Guinevere Are you still on a high from Wednesday?
ECM that's funny re: tournament ECM yes, still riding the high. a wee bit exhausted to tell the truth.
The_Lady_of_the_Lake no doubt
Sir_Bedivere no doubt
Guinevere I'm sure you are
Sir_Bedivere Lots of premiere week activities, chats, interviews
Guinevere Actually, I have a question for you along those lines
Sir_Bedivere thank you for being here
ECM happy to be here. thanks for having me.
Guinevere How are you balancing being a mom and taking on the responsibilities of running the show, writing, producing, all of it?
ECM i've got a steady supply of toothpicks to keep my eyes open!
Guinevere lol!
Sir_Bedivere Kirsten told us the other night that sleep was overrated. Do you agree lol?
ECM honestly, i have the best support at home (shout out to hubby) and at the office we've got the hardest working staff of writers and support who keep me sane. ECM sleep is not overrated for me. thinking of doing a 24 hour sleep-a-thon this weekend!
Sir_Bedivere we don't blame you
Guinevere Will the kids allow that? :L
ECM no guinevere, they won't! not even close :)
Guinevere that's what i thought!
Sir_Bedivere You have to be excited to see the reactions to the premiere. We loved it!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake Yes we did, the hour flew by
ECM i am so excited that everyone enjoyed it! such a reward to all of us! ECM what was everyone's favorite moment?
Guinevere Even my hubby gave it an 8 out of 10 and he doesn't give 8's often
Sir_Bedivere I love the scene in the hallway between Jj and Emily.
Merlin The ending with Emily reciting the Fbi oath.
The_Lady_of_the_Lake I have 2 favs
The_Lady_of_the_Lake the Jj and Emily scene
Guinevere Mine was (and not because i'm the reid fan) but reid saying "this is calm and it's dr."
Merlin best line
The_Lady_of_the_Lake and the Reid scene that Guin just mentioned
Sir_Bedivere There were so many winning moments
Guinevere Loved seeing both Reid and JJ being more assertive
Merlin I have a fondness for all the scenes with bearded Hotch :)
The_Lady_of_the_Lake Love the look on Doyles face when he saw Emily
Sir_Bedivere The reactions of the different team members to Emily’s reappearance was excellent. So true to character
Sir_Bedivere Morgan for a change just being speechless
ECM those are my favorites too... gotta give rick dunkle a shout for "and it's doctor!"
The_Lady_of_the_Lake we thought merlin passed out the first time you showed hotch with the beard
ECM laughing!
Guinevere lol
Sir_Bedivere We have picked apart the episode and it truely lived up to our expectations
Sir_Bedivere truly*
Guinevere yes it did
Merlin yes, i have seen it three time and still love everything about it
Sir_Bedivere When did you decide you needed to do this in flashbacks?
Guinevere it's one you want to watch again and again
The_Lady_of_the_Lake yes it is
ECM would love for you to watch again! knew on the second day of breaking the episode that I wanted to tell it as a time-jump one.
The_Lady_of_the_Lake I wish it had been a 2 hour episode
Sir_Bedivere It really was the best way to do it. There would have been problems I think had you tried to do it in a more linear fashion
The_Lady_of_the_Lake I wanted more!
Sir_Bedivere We have heard this season is for the fans and you surely have started out that way
ECM it is for the fans and for all of us who've been on this ride for seven years. we want to pay off the characters layers... they are in our living rooms every week. we know them!
Sir_Bedivere Yes we do!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake boy do we
The_Lady_of_the_Lake lol
Sir_Bedivere They are family to us too
Guinevere do the new writers know them?
Merlin they are the main reason why I watch every week
Sir_Bedivere good question guin
ECM they're getting to know them but all have been fans so there hasn't been a lot of "catch up"
Guinevere that's good
Sir_Bedivere awesome to hear
Sir_Bedivere i've always wondered how you set the writing order
Guinevere i think i speak for several of us when i say that's what we love about breen, he got it from the very beginning
Sir_Bedivere We love Breen!
ECM this year i set it differently -- i wanted new writers to be w/directors who've been with us before and if there's a new director, then they're paired with a writer who's been here... ECM we love breen too!!!!
Sir_Bedivere oh that's a great idea
Sir_Bedivere janine wrote next week's episode
The_Lady_of_the_Lake so everyone gets "seasoning"
Sir_Bedivere We are glad she is back. She's a great storyteller
ECM they sure are and yep, next week is back to business with our family sprinkled in for good measure... very good measure. some great stuff!
Guinevere let me tell you what one of last season's best eps was for me, because it totally creeped me out - Kim's "into the Woods"
ECM janine is fantastic. love her.
Guinevere her writing has come so far in such a short time
ECM that was a great one. kim is such a great person... and as sick as the rest of us! ECM it has! wait til you see her first one this season. 7x08 -- amazing!
Sir_Bedivere That's the Garcia ep?
Guinevere now we will be biting our nails while waiting impatiently
ECM it is... ECM we'll have great ones from now til then. november will be here soon! it just started shooting today
Guinevere Do you have any exciting guest stars lined up for this season?
Sir_Bedivere sweeps!
ECM andy milder is in janine's ep. next weel/
Merlin saw the preview, he look very creepy
Merlin and sound creepy too!
ECM he is!
Sir_Bedivere you must get a kick out of watching someone we know transform themselves in to one of our unsubs, like James Vdb, Luke Perry, C Thomas Howell
Sir_Bedivere good guys that play bad so well
The_Lady_of_the_Lake I really love that you cast people off-type
ECM yep and i think it's a blast for them to play opposite type
Merlin Will we learn more about Strauss this season? Maybe about her past relationship (if any) with Rossi?
The_Lady_of_the_Lake yes, the seemed to share a look while they were observing the doyle interrogation
ECM funny, i just wrote more strauss for 7x09 ECM you'll figure out what's been getting her down...
Sir_Bedivere After her "interrogation" of the team in 100, was very surprised to see her being so supportive in the premiere ep
Merlin good that was my other question; what was going on with her
The_Lady_of_the_Lake and someone pointed out in one of the groups that rossi and strauss could have had "a past' because Jj said that rossi was the reason for many of the fraternization rules at the Fbi
ECM she cares about our team because they're in a way, her responsibilty.
The_Lady_of_the_Lake did you see Jayne in White Collar this summer?
Sir_Bedivere Yes but she has not been very supportive in the past, especially of Prentiss
ECM we think they had a thing... for sure... not sure how much we'll write to that but they absolutely play it when they're on screen together. ECM didn't see her in that but heard she was...
The_Lady_of_the_Lake she was great
Sir_Bedivere Strauss is fun, the character we all love to hate. Don't change that lol
Guinevere np.o, don't
Guinevere no*
ECM she brings a complicated conflict that is too juicy to ignore
Sir_Bedivere She does, and Jayne plays her to perfection
Sir_Bedivere So does that mean you are writing 7.09?
The_Lady_of_the_Lake she must have fun being the meanie
ECM yep!! just delivered the first draft this afternoon.
Sir_Bedivere yay!
ECM she does have fun. we love to have her around.
The_Lady_of_the_Lake you have had a busy week
ECM it's been very busy! all unbelievably great.
Merlin Will we learn anything really shocking or funny about any of the team this season?
ECM there will be some surprising moments... you'll have to tell me how shocking because i'm so attached to it all. episode 7x04 has some great funny moments in contrast to the darkness of the story. breen at his finest.
Guinevere he is great at that
Guinevere Any chance we will ever see Sean Hothcner again?
Guinevere geez, i cannot spell tonight :L
ECM htere's always a chance... we tried to get him for haley's funeral but he was shooting something in canada. ECM uh. my spelling sucks too
Sir_Bedivere So what (if any) has been the biggest change for you since taking over as show runner?
Sir_Bedivere (and lol)
Guinevere at least we're not alone!
ECM hmm. biggest change has been getting pulled in a thousand directions.
Guinevere We love this new openess with the fans and you posting pics while chatting!
ECM ed warned me the phrase i'd hear the most was, 'hey, do you have a second?' and he was So Right ECM rick and erica meredith are here with me
Sir_Bedivere lol
Sir_Bedivere Hi Rick and Erica!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake was it intimidating responsibility-wise
ECM they've helped get all this off the ground and we love being open to all fans!
Merlin Hi Rick, Hi Erica!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake Hi Rick and Erica
Sir_Bedivere Rick have his shirt on this time?
Guinevere hi Rick and Erica
ECM they're waving hello! ECM rick is wearing a lovely shade of red... both on his shirt and face
Sir_Bedivere lol
Guinevere hi:)
The_Lady_of_the_Lake lol
Guinevere (that was charlie saying hi)
ECM hi charlie
Sir_Bedivere Speaking of Ed, he occasionally stepped behind the camera to direct an episode. Given that any thought at all?
Guinevere good question Sir B!
ECM my plate is overflowing this season but it is a skill i'd love to have while on this show. it's the safest environment to learn.
Guinevere will we see mgg directing again this season?
ECM he's slated for episode 7x19!
Sir_Bedivere He did an incredible job with Lauren last year
ECM yes he did
Merlin great, he is so good at it!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake and mosely lane the year before
ECM he's a true talent ECM i loved mosely lane :)
Guinevere he really is, in so many ways
Guinevere one of my all time favourties
The_Lady_of_the_Lake the guest cast was so awesome in mosely lane
Guinevere favourites*
ECM they were the best
Guinevere the writing, the directing
Sir_Bedivere I have to be honest, I was a bit worried at first because it was an important episode. But Mgg was the right director because he loves Paget so
Guinevere wow
ECM yep. he did an amazing job. truly.
Merlin Will we learn more about how the team deals with the stress of the job? Good or bad
ECM absolutely. there's a good way to deal in ep 7x02
Merlin can't wait to see it.
Sir_Bedivere we are amped and off to a great start.
ECM so glad!!
Sir_Bedivere Do you have any questions for us? You know we love to talk Cm
Guinevere say it ain't so!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake and we know the episodes and characters
Guinevere how did your first chat go last night?
ECM funny. i was just going to ask you something... ECM the chat went really well! thanks! ECM ready for your question?
Sir_Bedivere ask awy
Sir_Bedivere away*
The_Lady_of_the_Lake yep
Merlin yep
Guinevere ready
ECM what is something you've always wanted to know about your favorite character that we haven't told you yet?
Guinevere does reid have any kind of social life?
ECM he does... but involves 6 hour movies in russian...
The_Lady_of_the_Lake lolol
ECM so he's kind of limited to his company
Guinevere lol!
Merlin If Hotch was abuse by one or both of is parent as it seems to have been implied in the episode Natural Born Killer
Sir_Bedivere I would really love some Jj backstory on her family. We know about some of the others parents etc...but all we know about Jj is that she has an aunt that lives near North Mammon and a mom that knits Henry baby booties.
The_Lady_of_the_Lake where did gideon go when he drove off in his Suv - not that I am going to stalk him or anything
ECM hotch has some demons but i'm not sure we'll ever hear the details... he's too private for that.
Sir_Bedivere and her sister committed suicide obviously
ECM gideon's in the blue ridge mountains. he's all good.
Sir_Bedivere lol
ECM jj's fam is supportive and we'll dive into her relationship w/will more this season
The_Lady_of_the_Lake lol
Guinevere wait a minute i'm in the blue ridge and i haven't seen gideon around anywhere. but the kids swear they saw hotch at wal-mart once
Guinevere will kevin be around again this season?
ECM gideon's beard rivals hotch's pakistan one... you may not recognize him. heard rumors he may be working with the Cia...
Sir_Bedivere lmao
The_Lady_of_the_Lake lol
ECM with a lovely young lady named claire....
Guinevere ah, i will be more alert then
The_Lady_of_the_Lake in charlotte
Merlin lol! but for how long will he be working for them? ;)
ECM we'll talk about kevin a bit. haven't seen him yet. ECM depends on what showtime has in mind...
Sir_Bedivere Wish we would have thought you would ask that question, as soon as you leave we'll have a million different answers
ECM that's okay, we can do it next time, too!
Sir_Bedivere that is the beauty of the Round Table, we all have our favorite characters but all in all it is the team we love.
ECM same thing over here... they're our friends!
Sir_Bedivere This is my personal favorite line-up
Guinevere Erica, I want you to know how very much we appreciate you taking time out of your crazy schedule to chat with us
Sir_Bedivere these 7 and it is so very good to see them together again
The_Lady_of_the_Lake especially at the end of a really busy week
Sir_Bedivere to see Aj back in the opening credits and not as special guest star
ECM happy to do it. you guys have been so great and given us So much support, i'd be here all the time if i could.
ECM the opening credits make me smile
Guinevere us as well!
Sir_Bedivere us too
ECM hotch's beard will be seen every week in those main titles!!!
Merlin yes!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake merlin will be swooning
ECM don't faint merlin!
Guinevere merlin is so happy now!
Sir_Bedivere you will always have our support. please let us know how we can help, we're always happy to do so
Merlin I will :)
Merlin I cannot promise anything on that!
ECM i know you are happy to help and that's amazing.
Merlin Erica, let me say thank you, to you and the cast and crew for all that you are doing for the fans, the chats, the Bts access with Cm_setreport, the tweeting from the cast and crew. All this makes it great fun to be a Cm fan :)
ECM thank You
The_Lady_of_the_Lake we really are fans and can't wait to watch every week
Guinevere you are certainly and fan friendly show
Guinevere and we watch on A&e and ion every night
The_Lady_of_the_Lake as a matter of fact, I think most of us are watching the mini=marathon on A&e right now
The_Lady_of_the_Lake lol
Guinevere it's sick really
ECM it's time to have fun again! that's what it's all about over here, as you can see from the reports and chats and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels up!!!!!!!!!!
Sir_Bedivere There even seem to be a new vibe
Guinevere Love wheels up!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake loved Wheels Up!
ECM did that for all of us! ECM erica meredith and haben did it up Right
Merlin love the video and song what a nice gift that was!
Guinevere aww, the scene we saw being filmed in La - always makes me smile!
Sir_Bedivere more please erica and haben!!
ECM how'd you do, merlin? when hotch said wheels up right to the camera?
Sir_Bedivere she about died!
ECM they've written some theme songs for everyone... will have to do another video soon
Merlin oh yes!
Guinevere we can't wait
The_Lady_of_the_Lake I will be a treat!
Guinevere lol
The_Lady_of_the_Lake It*
Merlin I hope you do, it was a great video and a very unexpected thing!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake I can't wait to see what else you all have in store for us
Sir_Bedivere major props to erica meredith and haben
Guinevere will we see more of fleabag this season?
ECM bts, absolutely!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake (the Big Wheel is on A&e and we just saw fleabag)
Sir_Bedivere any crew going to make it in front of the camera soon?
ECM funny! ECM andre in ep 7x03 will be driving a van in the teaser...
Sir_Bedivere okay here's a question for you
ECM our casting intern, michael, is in dunk's 7x06
Sir_Bedivere Ed loved to put Bernero in every once in a while. will be see Messer on a truck or a warehouse?
Guinevere :D
ECM no messer yet, but senator "cramer" is a shout to my family. it's my maiden name!
Sir_Bedivere yay!
Sir_Bedivere cookie!!!
ECM and you may hear me... will give you a heads up if that happens...
Guinevere yay!
Merlin You have to put your name somewhere in an episode other than 'written by...' ;)
The_Lady_of_the_Lake like alfred hitchcock
The_Lady_of_the_Lake he had a cameo in all of his movies
Sir_Bedivere he was awesome btw...mark moses
ECM mark is so great. loved him on mad men.
Guinevere i hope the kids will let you get some sleep this weekend!
ECM thanks! me too. have a feeling spongebob could help me out with that one.
Guinevere lol
Sir_Bedivere and my niece loves mongebob (has problems with the Sp right now since she's only 2 1/2)
ECM it's been a lot of fun! let's do this again soon!
Sir_Bedivere absolutely Erica, anytime!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake that;s cute Sir B
Merlin sure! anytime!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake we enjoyed having you with us
Guinevere Thanks so much Erica!
ECM that was cute! mongebob
Sir_Bedivere Thank you for being here. You are truly a member of the Round Table
ECM ohhhhhh thanks you guys!
Guinevere Have a great weekend
Merlin Thank you Erica!
Sir_Bedivere Good night to all of you and have a great and restful weekend!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake get some sleep
Merlin Enjoy your weekend :)
Guinevere night to rick and erica too!
ECM have a great weekend and keep watching! this season's for the fans!
Sir_Bedivere and thanks for that too!!!
Guinevere woot!
ECM 'night from e & r
The_Lady_of_the_Lake woo hoo!
Sir_Bedivere good nigth!
The_Lady_of_the_Lake night!
ECM left.

Criminal Minds Season 7 available on iTunes now

You can now buy Criminal Minds epsiode 7.01 'It Takes a Village' on iTunes.
Go here to buy: iTunes

Thomas Gibson to Appear on CBS The Talk

Thomas Gibson will appear on the CBS talk show The Talk on Tuesday Sept 27 2011. Check your local listing for the time.

source: @TheTalk_CBS

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Entertainment Weekly Scoop SPOILER


by Sandra Gonzalez

My post-premiere conversation with executive producer Erica Messer was eye opening in many ways and gave me many things to look forward to about this season. (Action Reid! Lingering hard feelings! Possible Prentiss flashbacks!) But the most intriguing bit, for me anyway, was the knowledge that one of the members of the BAU would be getting a new love this season!

To know more go to EW

Thursday, September 22, 2011

CBS Press Release for the Ratings of Criminal Minds Episode 7.01


The Season Premiere of "Criminal Minds" Averages More Viewers Than "X-Factor," While Posting Gains in Adults 18-49 Over Last Year's Premiere

"CSI" Wins its New 10:00 PM Time Period in Viewers, Improving Upon the Year-Ago Time Period in Adults 18-49

"Survivor: South Pacific" Steady Against "X-Factor" and Comedy Premieres

CBS won premiere Wednesday in viewers against highly-promoted competition, as the season premiere of Criminal Minds topped "X-Factor" in viewers and gained in adults 18-49 versus last year, while CSI won in viewers and improved the time period in demos, according to Nielsen preliminary live plus same day ratings for Sept. 21.

At 9:00 PM, Criminal Minds (P) was first in households (8.7/13), second in viewers (14.07m, -0.22m behind ABC) and averaged a 5.0/11 in adults 25-54 and 4.1/10 in adults 18-49. Criminal Minds was up +1% in households (from 8.6/14) and +3% in adults 18-49 (from 4.0/11) compared to last year's season premiere. Criminal Minds topped "X-Factor" in the hour by over 1.5 million viewers (vs. 12.56m).

Criminal Minds posted its best delivery in viewers since April 6, 2011, in adults 25-54 since November 3, 2010 and in adults 18-49 since January 20, 2010.

At 10:00 PM, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (P) was first in households (7.8/13), viewers (12.59m), second in adults 25-54 (4.1/10, -0.1 behind ABC) and adults 18-49 (3.1/08). This was the time period's best delivery in viewers, adults 25-54 and adults 18-49 with regularly scheduled programming since February 10, 2010 (CSI: NY).

Earlier at 8:00 PM, SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACFIC (P) was second in households (6.3/10), viewers (10.36m), adults 25-54 (4.2/11) and adults 18-49 (3.1/09).

For the night, CBS was first in households (7.6/11), viewers (12.34m) and averaged 4.4/11 in adults 25-54 and 3.5/09 in adults 18-49. This was the fifth time in six years CBS won premiere week Wednesday in viewers.

Updated Wednesday ratings will be available this afternoon.

Criminal Minds Fast National Ratings for Episode 7.01 'It Takes a Village'

Here are the ratings for Criminal Minds : 14.07 millions viewers with the 18-49 demo at 4.1. Criminal Minds did beat in viewers FOX much hyped X-Factor which gather 12.14 millions viewers.

Congratulations to the cast, writers and crew!

p.s we will post the finals ratings later today when those are made available.

EW Interview with Erica Messer

'Criminal Minds' boss on team's reunion in season 7 premiere, 'emotional aftermath' to come

by Sandra Gonzalez

Before we talk about the season 7 premiere, I offer my advance apologies. The headline you see above is a tease until 1 a.m. ET. That is when I will post my full chat with Criminal Minds executive producer and showrunner Erica Messer. (We have to give EW’s west coast readers a chance to watch!)

In the meantime, however, I wanted to give you a place to chat about the season premiere, which found Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) returning to work with the team — and baddie Ian Doyle (Timothy V. Murphy)! — on a case involving Doyle’s son, who’d been kidnapped.
Star Thomas Gibson, who held a premiere party last night for the cast and crew, says of the episode and season, “It felt like a big family reunion. We’re really counting our lucky stars,” he said. “To quote Kirsten [Vangsness], ‘Erica wrote the s–t out of it, and Glenn [Kershaw] directed the s–t out of it.’ It’s really a new beginning to the show.”

In our chat with Messer, conducted while she was attending said bash at Gibson’s house (pause here to recognize how incredibly adorable that is), she breaks down the very special episode and chats about what’s to come.

To Read more go to EW

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Criminal Minds promo for episode 7.02

Welcome Back Criminal Minds - Season 7

Every season the members of the Criminal Minds Round Table look forward to this time of year and the season premiere of our favorite show, Criminal Minds. It’s like Christmas and our birthdays rolled into one. However, no season has ever been more anticipated than this one. After a topsy-turvy, twisty Season 6 where we lost two of our beloved cast members and were on the brink of losing two others, a minor-miracle happened. Not only did two of our handsome leading men, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, sign new contracts that would keep them on our team but our two lovely departed ladies, AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, were brought back! AJ’s Jennifer Jareau is back from her stint with the State Department and, even more dramatically, Paget’s Emily Prentiss will return from the “dead”.

Gone are the inferences to budget cuts, transfers and faked deaths. This season holds much promise. Our new show-runner, Erica Messer, has dedicated this season to the fans and there are no bigger ones than the members here. We could not anticipate what will start to unfold tonight any greater than we do. We are positively giddy.

So a BIG CMRT thank you to our wonderful cast (AJ Cook, Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson), Executive Producer Erica Messer, the CM writers, the CM_SetReport and our hardworking crew for bringing back this awesome feeling. You will always have our support and we hope this is the best season yet.

The members of the Criminal Minds Round Table

Chat Transcript with Kirsten Vangsness

picture @CM_SetReport

Kirsten Hi! Hi! Sorry! It wasnt working now it is
Sir_Bedivere phew!
Guinevere yay!
merlin great! welcome back!
Lady_of_the_Lake yay
Sir_Bedivere Always lovely to have you visit with us!
GuestC aawww Ty
Kirsten Thank you! Ask questions:) I will type slow maybe forgive me.
Kirsten And spell bad
Guinevere We forgive you
Lady_of_the_Lake we don't judge
Sir_Bedivere that's okay...we speak fluent typo
Guinevere yes we do!
GuestC *judges you* j/k lol
Sir_Bedivere So how are you? Already for the season premier tomorrow night?
Kirsten yes yes I am we are gonna go to thomas and watch it
Sir_Bedivere All of you?
Kirsten its super crazy good
Kirsten Yup
Sir_Bedivere Awesome
Guinevere Get the popcorn ready!
Sir_Gareth Can't wait - the team back as it should be
Sir_Bedivere So Aj is supposed to live tweet tomorrow. Will you all be joining her?
Kirsten i just may but will probably just piggyback on her twits
Sir_Bedivere I had a feeling you would all somehow jump in
Sir_Bedivere The fandom will love to hear that
Kirsten you know how we do
Sir_Bedivere We all love that you guys are very close
Lady_of_the_Lake and of course, all of you will tweet as Shemar, too?
Kirsten yes maybe. he hates twitter and will never be on it and i kinda love that for a weird reason. i get him all to myself;)
Sir_Bedivere We love when Paget tweets as him
Lady_of_the_Lake that's cool, we love it when Mgg and Paget tweet as him
Kirsten yo yo yo
Lady_of_the_Lake lol
Guinevere hysterical
Sir_Bedivere :)
GuestC lol
Sir_Bedivere So we have to ask, how awesome is it to have your team back together!
Sir_Bedivere your girls!!
Kirsten it is crazy and dreamy and we sit on set and hang out constantly... and the scripts are So Crazy Crazy Good
Sir_Bedivere We read where Aj said this season is for the fans! We are so excited to finally get into the personal aspect of the team a bit
Kirsten it totally is, there will be all kinds of inside jokes and we are now chock full of tech geniuses upstairs so the tweeting and the music (haben) and the live chats we have an in house pupblicity machine
Kirsten the is media done by dogs btw puplicity
Lady_of_the_Lake lmao
Sir_Bedivere totally
GuestC hahaha
Sir_Bedivere What do you hope we learn about Garcia's personal life?
Sir_Bedivere if you had your dream scenario
Kirsten hmmm
Kirsten that she's ummm...
Kirsten im thinking
Kirsten im trying to give you a legit answer and not just try and be funny...
Kirsten well! i just thought of this we are just about to start ep 8 and its all garcia
Guinevere awesome!
merlin oh love that!
Kirsten in that she brings the case to the team and we learn about her volunteer stuff
Iseult great
Lady_of_the_Lake can't wait for that one
Sir_Bedivere is Kevin in that episode?
Kirsten Oh! and she wear these new sweaters
Sir_Bedivere :)
Kirsten she has one that has a paper heart on her sleeve... you gotta look for it
Sir_Bedivere we so will
Guinevere we will
merlin will do!
Lady_of_the_Lake hahaha
Guinevere it will be our cookie
Iseult we will
Lady_of_the_Lake I love that you get to explore your volunteerism
Kirsten and on one ep I wear a sorta waitress dress and a button that says "eat at joes" in homage to Joe's restaurant
Guinevere like we look for her to use our pens :L
Sir_Bedivere hysterical
Lady_of_the_Lake fun
Kirsten and the pens!!!!
merlin nice !
Lady_of_the_Lake do you have input on Garcia's wardrobe?
Kirsten this won’t come out for a while but we filmed a thing for cm set report about the pens-- I asked them if we could do it
Guinevere Cool
Lady_of_the_Lake Awesome
Kirsten no I don’t-- our costumer is so good at dressing her it wouldn’t make sense for me to input. i get to dress me:)
Lady_of_the_Lake and you do a beautiful job, I love your style
Sir_Bedivere A little birdie told me there are several songs ala Wheels Up that were written. Do you think we'll get to see them?
GuestC Lol
Kirsten I Don’t Know Anything About What You Are Saying
Kirsten :)
Sir_Bedivere :D
GuestC Lol
Sir_Bedivere nicely played Kirsten
Lady_of_the_Lake :L
Sir_Tristan Lmao
Sir_Bedivere we can delete that if you wish
Kirsten what? ii said nothing
Sir_Bedivere again...fandom goes crazy!
GuestC i didn’t see anything lol
Lady_of_the_Lake we are free to interpret nothing as something or something as nothing
Sir_Bedivere very true
Kirsten yes. what you said
merlin about this Wednesday episode, what can we expect for the Season 7 premiere? Action? tears? Lots of emotions?
Guinevere Kirsten, my 11 year old son Charlie would like to say hi to you
Kirsten Hi Charlie!!
Guinevere hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
GuestC Aawwww
Guinevere He's a huge Morgan fan
Kirsten All of that for sure I saw it last week with the crew (joe brought desserts and we made a party of it) and i totally teared up and grabbed my best friends leg in terror
Kirsten Hiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirsten It’s a super emo episode
Sir_Bedivere Cm Set report just tweeted a pic of you chatting with us
Lady_of_the_Lake ack! runs to twitter
merlin oh my! I so can't wait to see it and have the team back!
Guinevere we will make a party of it tomorrow night
Sir_Bedivere We love them! and all the inside tidbits they treat us to
Guinevere how great is that?!?
Kirsten we just took that
Guinevere I love the connection y'all have with the fans
Sir_Tristan awww what a great pic :)
Sir_Bedivere We are so psyched for tomorrow. The drama is in front of the camera where it belongs now.
Kirsten no kidding well said!
Sir_Bedivere We happened to be at Paley recently for your panel
Sir_Bedivere We loved your anecdote about you guys being given a lot of lemons last year
Sir_Bedivere it was a perfect analogy
Kirsten that was so much fun. It was the first time we had all been together out in the world
Kirsten So Much Lemonade
Sir_Bedivere you have a lot of thirsty fans waiting for the Lemonade
Kirsten Sorry I didn’t say hi to anyone after, Mr. Moore rushed me out cos he was in the middle of a story. He’s talky that one;)
Sir_Bedivere Lol
Sir_Bedivere I know you guys had an early call the next day
Sir_Bedivere or at least most of you
Sir_Bedivere So is Garcia going to be traveling with the team a lot this year?
Kirsten you know, I don’t know but I am working a Lot more this year, so I think it translates into more screen time....
Sir_Bedivere awesome!
merlin good!
Lady_of_the_Lake more Garcia is a Good thing
Kirsten but I'm on screen with the rest of them so it’s not taking away from Matthew or thomas everyone can relax
Sir_Tristan woot!
Guinevere a very good thing
Iseult Indeed
Sir_Bedivere Lol
Iseult Lol
Sir_Bedivere You are so loved by this fandom. One of the most loved "geeks" on Tv. That has to make you happy
Kirsten omg it totes does . I actually still really, still, forget I am even on a tv it's neat to be reminded and that it's ok that I am doing it and that folks enjoy me. I enjoy you enjoying me. It totally makes me crazy happy
Guinevere I have loved seeing the pics of you and Pauley - my two favourite geekettes
Sir_Tristan yes guin!!
Sir_Tristan that pic was adorkable
merlin Kirsten, you do work in tv, movies and webseries, what are the major difference between working on movies, tv and web series? Which do you prefer?
Sir_Bedivere Is that what formed your great friendship you seem to have with Pauley. That commonality?
Sir_Bedivere (sorry merlin)
Kirsten I love Pauley. We just met and she’s like the kindest kitten ever so you can’t help but make her part of your tribe.
Kirsten and the other question the differences...
Kirsten I love them all. I love to create so if i get to do that on whatever platform i am a happy dolphin
Sir_Bedivere You are a very busy bee though. How do you find time to do it all?
Kirsten theatre ids more direct and has more interaction live with the folks watching... web is very fly by the seat of your pants and the movie I am making right now is... bliss. because it’s a mix of a play and a movie
Kirsten time and space are infinite
Kirsten That’s how. i just bend time.
Kirsten and sleep is overrated
Guinevere Lol
Sir_Galahad can you come and bend some time here too, please?
Sir_Gawain lol, i wish someone would teach me how to overrate sleep ;)
Kirsten you can too! just practice and one of those Herione things they sell on skymall
GuestC Lol
Kirsten Hermione!
Sir_Galahad lol!
GuestC Lol
Sir_Bedivere I saw Kill Me Deadly when it you did it as a play. It was fantastic. How is the movie coming along?
Kirsten We are half finished and now gearing up to finish shooting it in Oct. It makes me so happy. and there will be faces you know in it. such a labor of love and I'm so lucky to have this job so I can do it
Kirsten it is the next young frankenstien. i swear
Kirsten mixed with rocky horror
Guinevere can't wait to see the finished product
Sir_Bedivere i love that
Sir_Galahad sounds great!
Lady_of_the_Lake ooh, I love both those movies
Sir_Bedivere Theatrical release planned?
merlin interesting!
Kirsten and Thank You for seeing the play. I remember:)
Kirsten oh yes yes yes. we are doing it ourselves so its theatre folk making a movie as soon as I know how to theatrically release it we will
Sir_Bedivere that's great. please let us know so we can shout from the rooftops
Kirsten you know it
Sir_Bedivere Pretty The Series?
Sir_Bedivere season 3 coming up?
Kirsten am exec prod it as well as now a series regular in season 3-- the trailer just went online and its so funny
Sir_Bedivere I saw the bit with Genie Francis
Kirsten and I will be making my debut in a music video in pretty.
Sir_Galahad wu whoo!
Sir_Gawain awesome!
Kirsten so wrong its right pretty is
Iseult can't wait for that
Sir_Bedivere how funny to watch planking on Laura from General Hospital
Sir_Galahad Kirsten, sorry, I missed the beginning so you may have already answered this, but when did you know you were going to be a pro actress???
Sir_Galahad because you're such a natural!
Sir_Galahad was it always this way?
Kirsten i started acting cos I was so shy. and i love it. so i practiced. a lot.
Sir_Galahad hard to believe but a cool story
Sir_Bedivere I just can't imagine you as shy.
Kirsten i really am. its a learned behavior that chattyness
Sir_Bedivere You aren't the first actor/actress I've read that started acting to get over their shyness
Sir_Bedivere Seems like a really good tool
Sir_Gawain bringing it back to Cm for a little bit...are we going to explore Garcia's backstory a little more in Season 7?
Kirsten it is. and it helps you understand the world better. for me anyways
Kirsten I am asking rick dunkle right now:) are we?
Sir_Bedivere Hi Rick!
Guinevere hi rick!
Sir_Gawain Hi Rick
Lady_of_the_Lake Hey Rick!
Sir_Gawain when are you stopping by for a visit rick?
Sir_Tristan hiya rick!!
Iseult Hi Rick
merlin Hi Rick!
Sir_Gareth Hey Rick
Sir_Bedivere And Mr Dunkle says?
Kirsten yes, in 708 we will talk about garcias parents a bit
Kirsten yes rick is here. Shirtless
Sir_Bedivere oh my!
Sir_Tristan pics or it didn't happen
Lady_of_the_Lake woot, fans self!
Guinevere Lol
Sir_Gawain silence in the chatroom as all the ladies have fainted ;)
GuestB lol
Sir_Bedivere lol
Kirsten Draw them yourself
Iseult lol
Kirsten I am to tell you or rather I am allowed to tell you that we will learn more about everyone of the 7 more than you ever have before
Kirsten thats cool and news to me too
Lady_of_the_Lake very cool
Sir_Tristan sweet!
Sir_Gawain awesome!
GuestC Yay
Sir_Bedivere again with the happy fandom!
GuestB yah
Iseult great, looking forward to that
Sir_Bedivere you guys are giving us all things to really look forward to this season
merlin great! I want to know more about the team and who they are and what are their backstories!
Kirsten its going to be the best one yet
Sir_Bedivere we feel it
Iseult agreed
Guinevere we are really excited about this season
Sir_Bedivere and we really need it :)
Lady_of_the_Lake you all are so excited about it, too
Kirsten We Are!!!!
Lady_of_the_Lake Joe's tweets are really getting is worked up
Lady_of_the_Lake lol
Kirsten Ha!
Sir_Bedivere And who would have thought that Thomas would be the tweetiest of them all
Sir_Bedivere i certainly never saw that coming
GuestC :D
Kirsten Right? He’s like king of twits [tweeting on twitter]
GuestC a Very pleasant surprise lol
Kirsten you know what I mean
Sir_Bedivere we do!
Lady_of_the_Lake he has a real fun streak
Sir_Bedivere we love that, the interaction is a blast
Guinevere so different from his character
Kirsten totally
Sir_Bedivere So what else is keeping Kirsten busy these days. As if you don't already have a full plate.
Kirsten my movie "kill me, Deadly" Pretty the series, I'm in another one called Vampire Mob, I finished my play "potential Space" that will go up next year, I'm going to remount my one person show.....i want to re-learn how to sew and play the clarinet... and sometimes I do criminal minds
Sir_Bedivere damn, that made me tired just reading that lol
Guinevere knitted any sweaters lately? ;)
Sir_Bedivere tell us about "potential Space"
Kirsten No its enlivening!!! its the best!
Kirsten it's about vaginas and boys and sex and girls and vaginas and vaginas and a bit about vaginas. its different from my tv stuff:)
Guinevere Lol!
Sir_Bedivere Charlie has to leave the room now Guin ;)
Guinevere he's watching Cm, not the chat
Sir_Bedivere is that a Theatre of Note project?
Kirsten yes Oh yes
Sir_Bedivere i think it's awesome that you still find the time to work with a project you are so passionate about. like paget still finds time to do Thrilling Adventure (which by the way misses you!)
Kirsten miss it too!!! ask for me back:)
Sir_Bedivere we have to ask?
Kirsten maybe
Sir_Bedivere well if i knew that's all it took lol
Sir_Bedivere the play sounds like a comedy. is it?
Kirsten yes and no
Kirsten its both
Sir_Bedivere how long did you work on that?
Kirsten its been birthing for about 8 years but i wrote it out last year
Sir_Bedivere is that the first play you've written?
Kirsten fiist multiple person full length Ive written one acts with multiple characters and long one person shows
Sir_Bedivere that's an amazing accomplishment. congrats!
Sir_Bedivere Knights and Ladies, we have about 5 minutes left with Kirsten. Anything that you would like to cover before we let her leave Camelot?
Kirsten thanks!
Guinevere just that we love you and we're so excited about the new season
Kirsten I love you back and i am too
Lady_of_the_Lake you took the words out of my fingers Guin
Guinevere :D
Iseult Yes, so happy and excited for season 7
Sir_Galahad and we wish you all the best on all of your other projects too!
Guinevere And thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us
Sir_Gawain thank you very much for taking the time. it's always a great pleasure
Kirsten Thnak you guys so much for your support! it means the world to us!!! and me!!
merlin Yes thank you kirsten :)
GuestC thank you kirsten
Sir_Bedivere You and Cm will always have our support
Sir_Galahad thanks Kirsten, hope you come back soon!
Kirsten xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooo
Sir_Bedivere We aren't going anywhere!
Sir_Gawain send our love to everyone on set
Iseult Thank you so much
Guinevere and we want a pic of dunkle ;)
GuestB thank you Kirsten
Sir_Gareth Thank you!
Lady_of_the_Lake thank you!!!!!!!
Sir_Gawain it can come in a Dm btw ;)
Kirsten Draw It. Make the deltoids extra awesome
Sir_Gawain we may play in photoshop later...
Sir_Tristan thanks so much for your time tonight kirsten!
Sir_Gawain ;)
Guinevere Thank you !
Sir_Bedivere Thank you Kirsten for chatting with us tonight. We can't wait for tomorrow!
Kirsten Bye guys!!!!! Tell us what you think of cm tomorrow I will look at all of your twitterings
Sir_Bedivere oh absolutely!
Kirsten and reads the dramatically for the gang
Guinevere will do!
Lady_of_the_Lake we will be there a-tweeting
merlin will do!
Kirsten read them
Iseult will do
Kirsten I meant:) ok bye!!! I love you!!!!!
Sir_Bedivere Good night!
Sir_Galahad night
Sir_Bedivere We love you back!
Iseult have a great evening and thank you again
Guinevere night
merlin goodnight kirsten!
Kirsten left.

Criminal Minds Interview with A. J Cook

CRIMINAL MINDS’ A.J. Cook Has A Secret Wish: “I Want To Get Beat Up”

Criminal Minds fans are in for a treat as two good things are happening today. One, Criminal Minds Season 7 premieres tonight and two, A.J Cook is back as a regular cast member.

Daemon’s TV had the immense pleasure to chat with A.J about what fans can expect this upcoming Criminal Minds season from the team and from J.J, what she thought of last year’s drama and why she hopes J.J gets beat up this season. Read below for more details and don’t forget to tune in for tonight’s season 7 premiere of Criminal Minds “It Takes A Village” which airs Wednesday September 21 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Congratulations on getting a seventh season. That’s an achievement for any show. How many episodes have you shot so far this season?

A.J. Cook: We’re shooting seven of seven right now. We’re about halfway through. We’re trucking along.

To Read more go to DaemonTV

Thanks to @Kitten0409 for the information.

Criminal Minds Promotional pictures for Episode 7.05

thanks to @pise7en for the information.

Thomas Gibson Glad to Have Brewster and Cook Back on "Criminal Minds"

By Scott Huver

It’s no mystery: “Criminal Minds” is definitely better with A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster back, says star Thomas Gibson.

Gibson says the FBI series was relieved to see the full-time return of Special Agents J.J. Jareau (Cook) and Emily Prentiss (Brewster) for Season Seven after various and sundry plot machinations caused their screen time to dwindle down to almost nothing in the previous season.

To read more go to NBC

Radio Interview with Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson who Play SSA Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds talks about the Season 7 premiere with Chuck_995. To listen to the Radio Interview With Thomas Gibson go to Chuck

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview With Shemar Moore and NEW Clip from the Season 7 Premiere SPOILER

Here is a link to an Interview that Shemar Moore did for promoting the season 7 premiere. Also you will see a NEW clip from the Season 7 Premiere!

To see the interview and NEW Video clip go to TVReplay

Criminal Minds New Promotional Pictures for the Season 7 Premiere SPOILER

Hotch Gets a Call on Assignment

Thomas Gibson runs through a scene with Hotch out on assignment when his satellite phone rings and the BAU needs his help during the season premiere Wednesday, September 21 @ 9/8c on CBS. [Photos courtesy of Director of Photography Greg St. Johns].

A.J. on Trial

A.J. Cook works through her scene as J.J., under fire from a committee investigating how the BAU handled Prentiss' death during the season premiere Wednesday, September 21 @ 9/8c on CBS. [Photo courtesy of Director of Photography Greg St. Johns]

Garcia and Reid Talk While Their Team is Questioned

Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) talk as the BAU team is questioned by a Senate Committee during the season premiere Wednesday, September 21 @ 9/8c on CBS.

Director and Co-Executive Producer, Glenn Kershaw and Timothy V. Murphy

Glenn Kershaw, Director and Co-Executive Producer walks through an intense scene with Timothy V. Murphy who plays "Doyle" during the season premiere Wednesday, September 21 @ 9/8c on CBS. [Photo courtesy of Director of Photography Greg St. Johns]

Thanks to @pise7en for finding the pictures and @Kitten0409 for giving us the information :)

pictures CBS

Criminal Minds Press Release for Episode 7.05 "From Childhood's Hour"


Isabella Hoffman ("JAG," "Homicide: Life on the Street") Guest Stars as Rossi's Ex-Wife, Carolyn

Additional Guest Stars Include Emmy Award Winner Heather Tom ("The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful") as Young Mother Connie, and Annie Fitzgerald ("True Blood") as Troubled Mother Marlene Smith

CHEAT TWEET: The BAU searches for abducted children, while #Rossi gets shocking news from his ex-wife on #CriminalMinds 10/19

"From Childhood's Hour" - The BAU team investigates the abductions of young children with troubled mothers in St. Louis. Also, Rossi reconnects with his first wife who has shocking news for him, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Oct. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Isabella Hoffman ("JAG," "Homicide: Life on the Street") guest stars as Rossi's ex-wife, Carolyn. Additional guest stars include Emmy Award winner Heather Tom ("The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful") as young mother Connie, and Annie Fitzgerald ("True Blood") as troubled mother Marlene Smith.

David Rossi................................ Joe Mantegna
Aaron Hotchner....................... Thomas Gibson
Emily Prentiss........................... Paget Brewster
Derek Morgan.......................... Shemar Moore
Dr. Spencer Reid........... Matthew Gray Gubler
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau.......................... A.J. Cook
Penelope Garcia.................. Kirsten Vangsness

Carolyn.................................. Isabella Hoffman
George Kelling........................ Patrick Stafford
Detective Woods....................... David L. King
Bobby Smith............................... Mason Cook
Marlene Smith......................... Annie Fitzgerald
Shannon................................ Rebecca Spicher
Connie........................................ Heather Tom
Mrs. Crenshaw....................... Elisabeth Noone
Kelsey Tanner.......... Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl
Timmy Tanner..................... Brecken Lawrence
Charles Tanner........................... Doug Dezzani
Young Unsub........................... Blake Bertrand

WRITTEN BY: Bruce Zimmerman
DIRECTED BY: Anna Foerster

Criminal Minds Season 7 Cast Promotional Pictures

source: SpoilerTV