Monday, August 23, 2010

CBS Ultimate look back at Criminal Minds season 5

New Book "Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, & Other Deviants"

An authorized tie-in to the popular TV show Criminal Minds "Sociopaths, Serial Killers, & Other Deviants" by Jeff Mariotte

From the Back Cover:
Most episodes of CBS's Criminal Minds series feature a briefing where the profiling team defines the type of criminal they are looking for by examining behavior patterns that were established in actual criminal cases. Now author Jeff Mariotte takes us deeper into the BAU process by revealing the evil behind some of the most heinous murderers, sexual predators, and psychopaths in history. In this authorized companion to the hit TV series, you'll learn how real-life criminals committed their unspeakable crimes and follow the investigators who finally tracked them down. Mariotte explains why and how profilers organize major offenders into types and why each of these perpetrators falls into a particular category.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Criminal Minds promo for Season 6! SPOILER!!!!

Here is the first promo for Criminal Minds season 6 opener. Sorry for the quality, once we get a better quality video we will post it.

Criminal Minds Season 1 Cartoon Picture

We found the above picture on a digital art blog of an artist who just started watching CM. Her rendition is from the Season 1 DVDs and she may do some of the other team members as well. Enjoy her other art at:

And, here is the original picture she used: