Friday, July 22, 2016

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 12 - Happy Birthday, AJ Cook!!!

We, the Knights and Ladies of the Criminal Minds Round Table blog want to wish a very happy birthday to Criminal Minds' star AJ Cook!

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 12 - BTS: 1202. Sick Day

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

#CriminalMinds homework tonight. Reading @VirgilWilliams outline. U know if it's a VW story, it's gonna be great.
- Photo by Karen Maser
Writing partner. Happy 4th. #CriminalMinds @Casamigos - Photo by Virgil Williams
Back to work. @criminalmindsofficials #criminalminds - Photo by Larry Teng
Location scouting. #criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
Graffiti alley. Chinatown, Los Angeles. #criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
Scouting episode 1202. Stay tuned - Photo by Harry Bring
standing around creepy abandoned places. as usual. - Photo by AE Chadwick
The city I live in, the city of angels... #LA - Photo by Virgil Williams
Urban sprawl. #LA - Photo by Virgil Williams
This can only mean one thing at #CriminalMinds ... Location scout! #SeasonXII #setlife
- Photo by CM_SetReport
At @duparsrestaurants trying to figure out staging for tomorrow's #CriminalMinds shoot. - Photo by Larry Teng
UnSub Trap - Photo by Harry Bring
Set Decorator Tony can't wait for the weekend. #CriminalMinds #SeasonXII #setlife
- Photo by CM_SetReport
As if there wasn't enough fire damage. Fleabag has to add his own touch. 104*dtla
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Day 1 of my second episode of @crimmindscbs and I found the perfect thought bubble to say how I'm feeling after having my wisdom tooth removed a few days ago. More accurately, the space where my tooth used to be is what hurts.
- Photo by Adam Rodriguez
When the Special Effects boys are filling bottles with Tiki Torch oil, it's about to get real.
- Photo by John Hatchitt
My tenth episode with these two knuckleheads. First AD Terry Ham and Second AD Coach Rossett. #criminalminds #dgasquad - Photo by Larry Teng
First set strike of the season! #CriminalMinds #SeasonXII #setlife - Photo by CM_SetReport
No rest for the weary so we're working through this Friday night into Saturday morning on @crimmindscbs ! Check out the smoke cloud covering the standard LA sunshine in the background. Ominous. Godspeed to everyone battling the blaze. And on a lighter note, Happy Birthday to my cast-mate @ajcook !!! - Photo by Adam Rodriguez
Another hot day on the #CriminalMinds set. - Photo by Virgil Williams
Happy Birthday @ajcook!#criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
Can you guess how many seasons Reid's prop lunch has been in the BAU fridge? #CriminalMinds #setlife #SeasonXII
- Photo by CM_SetReport
The things you do when nightfall doesn't come early enough. #poormansprocess #short day - Photo by John Hatchitt
BTS from last week. A camera first Keith Peters being boss in the flames. Photo by DP Greg St Johns. #criminalminds #1202 @ajcook - Photo by Larry Teng
@LLPOS Here's what's left of the camera department. Sorry... - Photo by Virgil Williams
Removable elevators are another nifty feature at the BAU! #CriminalMinds #SeasonXII #setlife - Photo by CM_SetReport
My favorite part of the #CriminalMinds set. - Photo by Virgil Williams
Speaking of national treasure @aishatyler she gave me this mouth on my neck & I love it like I love Ron Weasley
- Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
the new guy who smells like hope & wonderful @_Adam_Rodriguez (ps PLEASE don't tell Penelope I said that)
- Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
Shooting at sunset certainly makes for a happy #CriminalMinds crew. #setlife #SeasonXII - Photo by CM_SetReport
Can you guess which #CriminalMinds character's creepy office this is? #setlife #SeasonXII - Photo by CM_SetReport
Josh Stewart likes our script. - Photo by Harry Bring
Another day in paradise on the #CriminalMinds set! #SeasonXII #setlife - Photo by CM_SetReport
Look who I found @ajcookofficial - Photo by Josh Stewart
Writer/Producer @VirgilWilliams enjoying some light reading on set. #CriminalMinds #setlife #SeasonXII
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Process trailer work with @ajcook and @_adam_rodriguez #criminalminds #1202 - Photo by Larry Teng
So it is written ..Late night shoot #CriminalMinds - Photo by BJ Rogers
This is what an unsuccessful night of Dr Reids accessories look like! #CriminalMinds#DrReid where you are
- Photo by BJ Rogers
That's a wrap on #CriminalMinds #1202... As always, much love to the cast and crew. Big episode for @ajcook @_adam_rodriguez! - Photo by Larry Teng

Thursday, July 21, 2016

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 12 - Paget Brewster To Return For Multiple Episodes

by Marisa Roffman

Paget Brewster (Prentiss) will return to Criminal Minds, series star Kirsten Vangsness (Garcia) shared during the CBS Fan Favorites panel at Comic-Con.

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