Friday, July 18, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - Television Critics Association Press Tour - Video Interviews

Note: This post will be updated if/when new videos with interviews show up.

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - TVLine Matt's Inside Line: Scoop - SPOILER!

Q: Got anything on Criminal Minds' Garcia? –Kay
A: Early this season, we will find out that Garcia has been struggling with shooting the nurse that tried to kill Dr. Reid in the season finale. Her solution: a trip to...

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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - Television Critics Association Press Tour - CBS Party 2014

Like every year, networks and TV critics meet together at the Television Critics Association (TCA
) Press Tour, first for the latter to learn about the new offerings the former have in their schedules, and second, to meet with and interview the creators, writers, and stars of the TV shows on air, new and returning.

Yesterday (Thurs, Jul 17) was CBS turn to host the event and our Criminal Minds gang was in attendance during the party... And we have photos!

I watch a lot of criminal minds. Honored to meet the cast tonight. Such great people. #cbs #wewatchedthisshowalotonthebiebertour #withdankanter @dankanter @allisonjamiekaye @ryangood24 @kennyhamilton @justinbieber :) - Photo by Scooter Braun
Mr. #ThomasGibson! Who is excited for the new season of #CriminalMinds? @cbsphoto #TCA14 - Photo by Direct TV
TCA with @JoeMantegna! Criminal Minds! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
the Wonder known as @PauleyP - Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
This happened last night. The one and only #RayDonovan Liev Schreiber is a class act. - Photo by AJ Cook
@shemarmoore and #joemantega of "criminal minds" at #cbs party. - Photo by Beth Harris
More last night...@JoeMantegna @ajcookofficial @TheReal_Jlh (we couldn't find you! Xx) @GUBLERNATION
- Photo by Kirsten Vangsness 
Clownin with my friend and co-star @JoeMantegna yesterday at the PCA's.....Criminal Minds season 10 underway!!!!!! ONE episode down... all the magic begins in OCT. for all of you FANS and BABY GIRLS!!!!
- Photo by Shemar Moore
Photo by CBS

Note: This post will be updated with new images as soon as we can find them. We will update it too the ones currently watermarked if we find them clean.

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - BTS: 1002. Burn

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Technical Scout. Episode 10-02. - Photo by Harry Bring
Officer! I'm innocent! Really! - Photo by Harry Bring
This is outside the site we were scouting. It feels like Europe to me. - Photo by Harry Bring
A little Criminal Minds appetizer to start your day. - Photo Harry Bring
Bring your daughter to work day at #criminalminds #friday EP 10x02 Day 1 of 8. - Photo by CM_SetReport
Big fight in the bath tub going on but, all I see is our Stunt Coordinator with his
Ice Cream. - Photo by John Hatchitt 
On set! Hints for things to come! #criminal minds! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Stolen Without Any Guilt. #CriminalMinds #swagbag #seasonX
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Shooting! Criminal Minds! Season 10! Hints! . Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
The transformation begins... @ajcookofficial @CrimMinds_CBS #LaLaLadies #StillDre
- Photo by Trish Bradley 
Ready to roll. @ajcookofficial @CrimMinds_CBS #LaLaLadies #StillDre
- Photo by Trish Bradley
Wheels up! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Most unique Hot Dog cooker I have ever seen. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Well I think we had to much sauce on the dogs ??? - Photo by John Hatchitt

CRIMINAL MINDS SEASON 10!!!! Come Here lil Guy... Derek Morgan is not Playing!!!!
#CHASING DOWN PUNKS AT WORK. - Video by Shemar Moore
On #CriminalMinds, a director, actor & writer walk into a bar...nope, turns out it was
a morgue. EP10x02 Day 3 of 8. - Photo by CM_SetReport
The making of the fake horse poop for episode 10-02 - Photo by Harry Bring
Late night shooting! All good! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Rehearsal time in the Round Table Room. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Mobile Woodfire Pizza treat for the crew today on stage courtesy of JLH. - Photo by Harry Bring
They are on the jet...shhhh - Photo by Linda De Andrea
Nice silhouette of @SpiresDarcy hard at work. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Shooting with the great @kirstenvangsness! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Lights. Camera. @shemarmoore with @Vangsness bring the action. #criminalminds EP 10x02 Day 5 of 8.
- Photo by CM_SetReport 
Wait a second, that's not Garcia.... - Photo by John Hatchitt
So nice to see her working out of her office. #funnighttimerunningshots
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Can you guess where the team's headed to next? #criminalminds #friday EP 10x02 Day 6 of 8.
- Photo by CM_SetReport
A Long and Lonely Hallway. - Photo by John Hatchitt
It's a wrap! Happy weekend! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Think Fleabag might have found a new toy, god help us !!!! - Photo by John Hatchitt
Poor lil guy @SpiresDarcy is just plum tuckered out from this Monday mornings shooting.
- Photo by John Hatchitt 
Thanks for the birthday cake CM! Totally thrilled & blessed! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
@Jsbarrois Highlight of my career was meeting JSB on set of CM ! - Photo by M. Williams
In the 15+ years we have worked together. I've never seen @JoeMantegna in a bad mood.#classact
- Photo by John Hatchitt
This one is NOT for the calendar... - Photo by John Hatchitt
Tonight! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
We rock Wednesdays! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Oh yeah and this happened! Tonight....burn!! @criminalmindsrt @CM_SetReport - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Tonight!! I'll be on @CrimMinds_CBS written by @Jsbarrois! Tune in @CBS 9pm! #CriminalMinds Thx, @ScottDavidCast! - Photo by Vivian Kerr
Shocks, shocks, and more shocks! Don't miss tonight's #CriminalMinds #CM10
- Photo by CM_SetReport 
#CSLee lurking behind the scenes of tonight's #CriminalMinds! #CM10
- Photo by CM_SetReport 
East Coast #BabyGirl's settle in! #CriminalMinds is about to begin! (in a 1/2 hour) #CM10 @Vangsness
 - Photo by CM_SetReport 
Btw tonight is a heavy @Vangsness and @shemarmoore
 episode! Get ready! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois