Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Criminal Minds season finale came and went, may looks like it was yesterday, but several weeks have already passed, and what's more, due to the elapsed time between filming and airing for each episode, it happens that our lovely writers are finally back at work plotting with their devious and evil minds how to scare all us to death during season 9!

Sadly that means too that we still have a big handful of weeks without a new episode to dig our teeth in, so the as devious and as evil minds of yours truly, the Knights and Ladies of the Criminal Minds Round Table, have thought that we, together, and starting next week, could help our writers a bit, help them to give us the best season 9 possible.

  • Let's rewatch all at once season 8, let's try to pay attention to the details of each episode now that the thrill of first watching is over, let's see what works and what doesn't so much; ours is a well experienced opinion as fans that love the show and know everything to be known about it... Let's give them food for thought!
  • Each week we're going to make a post with the basic information of 2 episodes, and during that week, whenever we can/are in the mood for, we all rewatch them.  
  • In the comments thread of each week post, we write what we think worked best and what we think could have done with some improvements/changes/modifications because it didn't work as well.
  • Because we all are intelligent and mature fans, the comments will be polite. If we disagree with other commenters, we explain why we think differently. And when writing about something we didn't like about an episode, we too explain it with utmost politeness; the writers, and everybody else on the Criminal Minds set, work very hard to give us the best show possible, thinking otherwise is completely foolish, and acting as that wasn't the truth won't be tolerated.
  • Lastly, something all of us need to remember: Elle Greenaway, Jason Gideon and Emily Prentiss are former agents of the FBI who aren't about to come back. No matter if any of them was our favorite character, the actors that portrayed them decided to pursue other endeavors and take their careers in directions that didn't include Criminal Minds; each one of them did so for their own PERSONAL reasons, some of which were made public, and some of which we will never know. As they weren't part of season 8 and won't be part of season 9, talking about comes-back or anything related, will help nobody.
Are you game?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Criminal Minds Season 9 Scoop: Joe Mantegna to Direct Episode, Teases "More Secrets to be Unveiled"

by Tierney Bricker and Lisa Abdolian

Wednesday, Sept. 25.: Prepare for some backstory!

Criminal Minds
returns for its ninth season on that date, and star Joe Mantegna revealed to us he'll be going behind the camera when the CBS hit procedural returns. "I'm going to direct one next season," Mantegna exclusively told E! News at the 2013 Monte Carlo Television Festival.

We also chatted with the fan favorite about what viewers can expect from the upcoming season, which includes learning more about all of the characters' past and "secrets" and about the series' longevity...

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