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Criminal Minds Spoiler for the season finale and season 7

Now that we know JJ is back for the season finale of Criminal Minds (and the next two seasons, if the show is renewed), what can we expect her work relationship with Hotch to be since they are the only ones who know Emily is alive, and none of their co-workers can know that they know? Thanks! — Emily
They haven’t thought that far in advance, actually. JJ returns at the very end of this season. “When we were writing and shooting the finale, it was sort of pie-in-the sky she’d be back,” says EP Erica Messer. “We’re really using it to hook in and launch season 7 versus, in episode 18, she came back in an played a huge part in the episode. In this one, she’s the hopeful ending.”

Source: EW

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Criminal Minds Promotional Pictures for Episode 6.23 'Big Sea'

L.A Times: A.J. Cook rehired for 'Criminal Minds'

CBS made a bold move last summer to shake up its FBI-based hit “Criminal Minds,” ditching two popular actresses from the cast even though the ratings were strong and the characters were well-liked.

Now the network has taken an equally surprising step by rehiring one of the actresses, A.J. Cook, and potentially bringing back the other, Paget Brewster. As part of her new deal, Cook, who plays Jennifer “J.J.” Jareau, will appear on the criminal profiling series' May finale before rejoining as a full-time cast member in the fall. (She tweeted about the new deal earlier this month.)

Brewster, who since leaving the show found a starring role in a comedy pilot, may head back to “Criminal Minds” if her new show doesn't make NBC's next season schedule.

CBS executives, who launched “Criminal Minds” in 2005 and its spinoff, “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” this spring, were trying to keep the flagship series vibrant while it was still on top and thought mixing up the ensemble would do it, sources close to the production said.

Instead of waiting for the show to potentially fall from favor, as many longtime dramas have done, the network was making a preemptive strike, the sources said.

As it turns out, the most revolutionary change the network will make is to try to put the cast back the way it was before. “Criminal Minds” has consistently pulled in about 13.5 million viewers this season, beating all its network competition save for “American Idol.”

Cook doesn't fully understand why she was dumped in the first place, a decision that blindsided even the show's veteran producers. “I was told the network had made a creative decision to try something different with our show; it was nothing personal,” Cook said. “I kind of thought of it as a breakup when someone says, 'It's not you, it's me.'"

Cook, part of the “Criminal Minds” cast since its launch, saw her character promoted -- read: written off the show -- to a new job at the Pentagon at the end of last season.

CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, speaking at a television critics gathering earlier this year, said it wasn't a money-saving measure to cut the two actresses. (The show added one new female cast member, Rachel Nichols, for the current sixth season). Instead, she called it “the nature of the evolution of any show.”

Actor comings and goings are common on TV, especially on procedural and crime shows with large ensemble casts. The “CSI” and “Law & Order” franchises have gone through a number of shakeups, and “Criminal Minds” itself had one of its charter stars, Mandy Patinkin, leave the show abruptly in summer 2007.

Various TV cast changes have come because stars wanted to leave, for movie roles and other opportunities. Sometimes they've been shown the door because their characters were played out or unpopular, or actors demanded fat raises and big perks. Producers often cite the need to cut costs when they fire or swap actors.

None of the above could explain the “Criminal Minds” flap, when Cook and Brewster learned last summer that their contracts wouldn't be renewed. Negotiations hadn't been contentious, and their two characters were considered fan favorites and pivotal female voices in "Criminal Minds'" gritty Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Va.

Cook was invited back for a few episodes this season, while Brewster was offered most of the season to wrap up her character's story. Brewster's last episode in mid-March, in which Cook also appeared, saw her special agent Emily Prentiss violently attacked by a lover-turned-nemesis. It ended with a did-she-die-or-didn't-she? cliffhanger.

Cook said she's going back to work this week, filming her part of the May 18 finale. But Brewster's “Criminal Minds” future is up in the air, dependent on what happens with the NBC sitcom pilot, “My Life as an Experiment.”

Vocal fans, who launched an online “Save the Actresses” petition that gathered nearly 60,000 signatures when Cook and Brewster were axed from the series, are absorbing the news.

“I'm gonna commend CBS [executives] for seeing the error of their ways,” said one blog commenter among thousands who've weighed in on the topic. “Apology enthusiastically accepted.”

For the record, CBS hasn't publicly or officially apologized.

-- T. L. Stanley

Photo credit: Ringo H.W. Chiu / For The Times

source: LA Times

Joe Mantegna to be Honored with Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Joe Mantegna to be Honored with Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Published April 20th, 2011

Joe Mantegna to be Honored withStar on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Joe Mantegna will be honored with star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Emcee Leron Gubler, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President/CEO and guest speakers David Mamet and Lt. General Willie Williams will help unveil the 2,438th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the Category of Live Theater at 6654 Hollywood Boulevard on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 11:30 a.m.

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Criminal Minds Behind the Scene Pictures from the Filming of the Season 6 Final

picture by @GibsonThomas

picture by @dayne9615

Picture by @RachelNichols1

picture by @RachelNichols1

picture by @RachelNichols1

picture by @GibsonThomas

SAG Foundation Golf Classic Hosted by Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna

SAG Foundation Golf Classic

This summer finds sun, stars and sportsmanship coming together for the 2nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Foundation Golf Classic!

The highly-anticipated event takes place June 13th in Tarzana, California at the prestigious El Caballero Country Club, and will be hosted by Criminal Minds stars Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson. Like last year’s Golf Classic, all proceeds from the tournament will directly benefit the Foundation’s Catastrophic Health Fund, which brings relieve to actors when illness or injury destroys their ability to work as well as their access to health insurance.

For more information, including sponsorship and participation opportunities, please visit or call the SAG Foundation at (323) 549-6708.

source: SAG

thanks to @Ihearthotch for tweeting this information!

Joe Mantegna Speaking at the New York Film Academy

Upcoming Event: Award-Winning Actor Joe Mantegna Speaking at New York Film Academy


Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011, 1:00PM

Screening of REEL OF WORK

Happy Birthday to Shemar Moore

We at Criminal Minds Roundtable wish Shemar Moore a very happy birthday!

picture: @dayne9615

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Thomas Gibson 'In his own Words'

"We visited Thomas Gibson on location in February 2011 during the filming of an episode of Criminal Minds. Here's what he had to say..."

Criminal Minds Top 10 TV shows for the week ending on April 17 2011

Great week for Criminal Minds which was the # 5 scripted show in the demo 18-49 and # 3 in total viewers! Here are the top ten tv shows.

Top ten shows with the 18-49 demo.

2 American Idol-THURSDAY 6.4
4 OFFICE 4.0
5 NCIS 3.9
6 Modern Family 3.9 7 Bones 3.5
8 Criminal Minds 3.5

Here is the top ten shows in total viewers ( in millions)

2 American Idol-THURSDAY 21918
4 NCIS 19870
8 CASTLE 12329 9 Bones 11448

takke note that Criminal Minds: suspect behavior was over all #16 but # 10 scripted show in total viewers and # 22 over all # 15 in the 18-49 demo.

note: in blue are scripted shows.

source: TvByTheNumbers