Friday, August 3, 2012

Criminal Minds: Entertainment Weekly, four teasers for Season 8 SPOILER

by Sandra Gonzalez

Can’t wait for the premiere of Criminal Minds? I cornered Erika Messer at the wildly fun CBS/CW/Showtime party at TCA recently to get the scoopy scoop on the upcoming season 8.

1. Jeanne Tripplehorn joins the team. You know this. What you may not know? Her rocky history with to read more EW

Thursday, August 2, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 8 - Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Criminal Minds,... and More

by Matt Webb Mitovich

Is Criminal MindsHotch headed for heartbreak? Is NCIS finally pulling the trigger on “Tiva”? New bromantic tension for Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke? What kind of gal will pop Nolan’s collar on Revenge? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

Criminal Minds | We kick off this week's column with a bit of housekeeping. As Bellamy Young shared with me, she will reprise her role as Hotch's honey Beth for a few episodes this season, while segueing into her full-time gig as Scandal's First Lady. But that does not mean, it turns out, that a certain BAU agent is heading for a break-up. “Because we love Beth so much and because we don't feel Hotch is a serial...

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

San Antonio Story: Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

SA Story: Splitting his time between LA and SA, the longtime TV star and all-the-time family man is more likely to be seen on the sidelines of a youth soccer game at Fort Sam Houston than courtside for the Lakers.


Aaron Hotchner doesn't have much to smile about. After all, the FBI agent's life is brimming with violence and woe; sick, twisted serial killers, a murdered wife and an unrelenting, pressure-filled job have left poor Hotch a grim soul indeed. Fortunately, the stern and serious Hotchner is just a character on the long-running CBS drama Criminal Minds. For seven seasons, he has been portrayed by Thomas Gibson, a decidedly more upbeat guy, family man and San Antonio resident.

Gibson concedes that his character can be a bit morose but is quick to defend him.

“In almost every moment that we see him, he hears the clock ticking,” Gibson says of Agent Hotchner, who leads a profiling unit specializing in catching killers before they can strike again. “The stakes are high for him, and he doesn't take his eye off the ball—a focus that's detrimental to other parts of his life.

“Last season there was an opportunity to see a softer side. It's nice that the writers have had the time to fully define and flesh out the characters and allow us as actors to explore those different dimensions.”

In contrast, Gibson has been able to maintain a nice balance between work and family, thanks in part to... To Read More: San Antonio Magazine


From TVGuide

 photo by @CM_Setreport 
I might be the only one, but I am sad about Hotch and Beth's breakup on Criminal Minds. How will it affect Hotch? — Stephanie

ADAM: Cheer up, Stephanie! Although Bellamy Young, who plays Beth, will have a limited presence on Minds this season since she's just been made a series regular on ABC's Scandal, executive producer Erica Messer assures us that Hotch isn't in for more heartbreak. "She will be back to answer why she won't be around for a little while," she says. "We have her for three episodes, so we want to use her and explain what's going on between them. [But] they're not breaking up." Feel better?

Criminal Minds actor Josh Stamberg will guest star in episode 8.03

by Matt Webb Mitovich

Josh Stamberg, whose Drop Dead Diva boss man discovered he had a long-lost kid, will be dealt a whole lot more family drama when he visits Criminal Minds.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Criminal Minds TVGuide Scoop about Spencer Reid, SPOILER

Criminal Minds Scoop: Reid's Getting a Girlfriend!

by Joyce Eng

It seems like someone has put Morgan's pick-up tips to good use. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will get a girlfriend on Criminal Minds' upcoming eighth season, executive producer Erica Messer tells

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