Friday, November 25, 2011

Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson Q&A: 'Nothing shocks me anymore'

by Catriona Wightman

There's nothing like a good crime drama to settle into, and if you fancy a bit of a binge you're in luck - the sixth season of Criminal Minds is out on DVD on Monday!

To celebrate the excellent news, Digital Spy and a couple of other reporters caught up with Thomas Gibson, who plays Hotch, for a bit of Criminal Minds chat...

How did you feel about the drama surrounding AJ Cook and Paget Brewster? Are you glad to have them back?

"Of course I'm glad they're back. I think we were all taken by surprise by the move on the part of the network last year to curtail their appearances on the show. I don't think there was any good reason for it - I don't think there was any reason for it whatsoever. We're still trying to understand what the motivation was. But regardless of what it was, we're very happy to be on this side of that development and having them both come back."

What makes Criminal Minds different from other procedurals?

"I think it's the fact that instead of physical forensics, it's psychological forensics. I think that's basically what sets it apart, as well as the character development. These are interesting stories, these are universal stories, because unfortunately the cases that we deal with are some of the darker sides of human nature.

"I think those are universal themes, and trying to explain why a particular person made that horrible choice to do such a terrible thing over and over again, and these characters do try to kind of unlock the motivations and therefore the case in order to find them.

"But also the fact that there's character development. I think some of the procedurals when the genre first rolled out 10, 12, 15 years ago, there seemed to be a focus on the procedure itself and not the characters at all. I think one of the things that's developed over the last 10 years or so is you have the reintroduction of interesting characters in these procedurals.

"So I think that's maybe one of the reasons that this show has been successful. We all work very well together, it's an interesting and good group of actors and the characters are all very complementary to each other as well. Somewhere in there is maybe one of the reasons it's working."

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Criminal Minds: A 14-YR-old granted his biggest wish



November 23, 2011

It may seem like an unlikely request from a 14-year-old boy, but to Jack Frank, meeting the cast of Criminal Minds was the coolest thing he could ever imagine.

Jack is currently battling with a life-threatening kidney disease, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation stepped in to grant the teen his dream of getting up close and personal with Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, A.J. Cook, Shemar Moore, & Matthew Gray Gubler.
As it turns out, the dark series inspired Jack to set his sights on a career with the FBI when he grows up, but after an afternoon with the gang, he may be taking a liking to this showbiz stuff after all.
Check out Criminal Minds when it airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joe Mantegna talks about Criminal Minds

Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds) StarCam Interview par starcam

Kirsten Vangsness discusses Thanksgiving

Turkey Talk from CM Set Report on Vimeo.

Criminal Minds takes over valley casino

'Criminal Minds' takes over valley casino

TV drama turned local resort into a look-alike for Atlantic City

By Mariecar Mendoza

RANCHO MIRAGE — A gambler-turned-murderer was spotted in the desert and welcomed with open arms as “Criminal Minds” shot an episode for its seventh season.

The television drama, which delves into the work of an elite group of profilers who analyze the nation's most dangerous minds to thwart their next crime, filmed Monday and Tuesday at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa, turning the Rancho Mirage business into a bustling Atlantic City spot.

The show's stars Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson were not on set Tuesday, but guest star Dean Cain took over the blackjack tables and the spotlight.

“‘Criminal Minds' is very unique in that the guest star comes in and you get to create a whole new world,” said Cain, whose usually kind eyes and jet-black hair were crazed and tousled for the role.

to read more and see more pictures go to The Desert Sun

Monday, November 21, 2011

Criminal Minds Behind The Scene picture for Episode 7.13 'Snake Eyes"

From @CM_SetReport "The CriminalMinds crew hard at work on 7x13, shooting "Snake Eyes." Hope their time at the craps table pays off!"

Criminal Minds Press for Episode 7.09 “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”


Emmy Award-Nominated Actor Rene Auberjonois (“Boston Legal,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”) Guest Stars as Ron Massey, Headmaster of the Military Academy

“Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” – The BAU team looks into the real reasons behind an apparent mass suicide of a small group of youths at a military academy. Also, Hotch and Morgan butt heads when a team member could be in jeopardy, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Dec. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Emmy Award-nominated actor Rene Auberjonois (“Boston Legal,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”) guest stars as Ron Massey, headmaster of the military academy.

 Joe Mantegna (David Rossi)
 Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner)
 Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss)
 Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan)
 Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid)
 A.J. Cook (Jennifer “JJ” Jareau)
 Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia)

 Jayne Atkinson (FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss)
 George Gerdes (Tawes)
 Rene Auberjonois (Ron Massey)
 Kevin Fonteyne (Josh Redding)
 Michael Harding (Will Redding)
 Jeanine Jackson (Tiff Redding)
 Matthew David (Carter Campbell)
 Sterling D. Ardrey (Randy Parker)
 Tim Powell (Dr. Alexander)
 Mitchel Blackfield (Bailey Shelton)
 Don R. Williams (Chris Shelton)

WRITTEN BY: Erica Messer, one of the series’ executive producers
 DIRECTED BY: Charlie Haid