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Criminal Minds Comments thread for 'Carbon Copy'

Here you can post comments about tonight episode 'Carbon Copy' written by Virgil Williams.

Enjoy the episode as this is the last for the next few weeks!

Criminal Minds Review: BROKEN

Studying the watches meaning                         Determined and decided                           Shredding a child molester
      This week's episode of Criminal Minds entitled "Broken", by Rick Dunkle, was a well written and thought out episode from start to finish, and in my opinion, amounted to a nice surprise this season. Many of the episodes so far have felt like mini horror stories instead of episodes of Criminal Minds; this season has felt more or less like watching how many gruesome ways the writers can kill somebody or how sick they can make the unsub, instead of focusing on the actual story. Not this episode, it reminded me of an "old school" Criminal Minds when the team used profile to solve the case instead of calling Garcia on the phone and having her find the unsub narrowing down a list of suspects. This episode had great profiling to solve the case, along with some personality to the characters of the show: the scene between Morgan and Reid when the latter figures out that the time is not what it means was funny, as well as a nice moment between the two of them.; Hotch interrogating the prostitute in prison was powerful and classic Hotch, something that has been missed in the last two seasons; and JJ being concerned about helping the kids in the camp, along with solving the case, was also classic JJ, and it was great to see it again.

      The unsub was also hard to hate in this episode. Although it did remind of the episode "In Heat", this one did take an interesting turn when it featured the two boys from the camp. I like that it dealt with how the same life experience can affect different people. The ending was kind of silly with the unsub wanting his dad to be raped instead of just killing him; that would be the only flaw in this episode, in my opinion. All in all, I thought the case was a great one and the episode was one of the strongest of the season. The season long unsub is a very different story.

      I cannot tell you how irritated I am with the season long unsub. I loved the idea but it has been so poorly executed I don't even care about it anymore. All we have gotten over the last fifteen episodes is little scenes of the unsub taking pictures and watching the team. No real clues or mystery, nothing to keep my interest, in fact, I had completely forgotten about in the first part of the season. Now that the unsub was in Blake's class makes it even worse. She is the newest member of the team and frankly, I don't care if she is being stalked. I don't have anything against Blake at all, I just don't care what happens to her. I hope the unsub kills her off, that would make the season long unsub story worth watching to me. In my opinion, it should be called the mid season long unsub because the first part of the season with this storyline has been a huge fail and a waste of time.
      ~~ Iseult

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Criminal Minds Boss on The Replicator's Big Move it's a New Ballgame SPOILER

by Joyce Eng

If you found yourself rewinding to the beginning of last week's Criminal Minds episode after it finished, then you did exactly what the producers thought you'd do.

The episode closed with another ominous shot of the BAU's season-long unsub/stalker The Replicator going through photos of the team's closed cases. The final slide wasn't a photo, but a video of Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) teaching her linguistics class from the episode's opening, shot from the students' seats in the lecture hall.

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CRIMINAL MINDS. Episode 8.16: "Carbon Copy". SNEAK PEEK

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Matthew Gray Gubler will be at the Monadnock International Film Festival

A line up that includes top works shown at international film festivals over the past year will be part of a three-day local film festival organizers hope will be “world class.”

The Academy Award-nominated film “War Witch”; Sundance-standouts “It Felt Like Love” and “Toy’s House” and John Renoir’s ”The Rules of the Game,” will all be part of the inaugural Monadnock International Film Festival, festival organizers announced Friday during a launch party at the Courtyard Marriot on Railroad Street.

Organizers also announced guest appearances by three well known television celebrities, including Matthew Gray Gubler, who stars on the popular weekly drama “Criminal Minds.”

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