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Criminal Minds SPOILER Episode 7.10

Can you give me some Criminal Minds spoilers? Do you happen to know  how many episodes Bellamy Young will guest-star? Will it be just in episode 10 or are there more? Thanks! — Sofia

 Thomas Gibson wouldn’t spill the specifics when we chatted. But it sounds like she’s in it for the long run, literally. Her character and Hotch are training for a marathon together — and that’s all. For now. The best part? The ribbing Hotch gets from Rossi about the new lady in his life to read more go to EW

Criminal Minds Sneak Peek Episode 7.10 'Bittersweet Science"


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shemar Moore Video on Set of Episode 7.14

Shemar Moore on the Set of 714 from CM Set Report on Vimeo.

Video courtesy of @CM_SetReport

Criminal Minds TVLine Scoop about the 150th Episode

Criminal Minds | Iris tweeted at me, “Can you get some scoop on the 150th episode? Need more ‘intense plane scene’ deets!” Well, the milestone hour, as TVLine previously scooped, guest-stars Dina Meyer (Birds of Prey) as a rape victim who takes into custody her own suspect (The Shield‘s Jay Karnes), leaving the BAU to determine A) ... to read more go to TVLine

Screencap Recap - Episode 7x07

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Criminal Minds Promo Video for Episode 7.10

Criminal Minds Discuss episode 7.09 here

Esprits Criminels - Sneak Peek de l'épisode 7... by kevin4050

Thomas Gibson Interview with Toro Magazine

By Murtz Jaffer

It’s hard to believe that the one-time star of Dharma & Greg is now the best-known profiler on Criminal Minds, but that’s exactly the case for Thomas Gibson.

I caught up with TV’s “Aaron Hotchner” to discuss his character, the success of the show, and why television audiences like to be scared.

I want to start by asking you about the character of Aaron Hotchner, do you think he’s finally in the category of iconic crime fighter like Fox Mulder or Andy Sipowicz?

Wow, when you say ‘iconic crimefighter’ I gotta go with Kojak and Columbo.  I don’t know.  That’s certainly not up to me.  It’s certainly a nice idea to have had him been around long enough to consider it.

Will we ever find out more about his backstory and why he joined the agency?

I think one of the most interesting questions about the job and about the people who really do the job and us who play them on TV is what exactly got them from point A to point B.  It’s not as interesting to give a full drawing of where it came from.  It’s much more interesting to put it together on your own or at least put certain pieces of the puzzle together on your own and you have got these spaces in the middle where you don’t quite know.

How do the writers come up with the storylines?  Do they just research all these killers or are they just twisted people themselves?

[Laughs] I don’t think that they are necessarily twisted people but I think that they have done all of their research on these twisted cases and criminals and I think you can’t help but be affected by it. I think all of our stories do germinate in some sort of real case.  And then of course, elements of it get excised for many reasons and all these other elements get added to them for the sake of dramatic license.

With shows like yours and American Horror Story increasing in popularity, do you think viewers have just embraced the fact that they like seeing evil on TV and being scared?  Have we moved past cookie cutter sitcoms like dare I say it, Dharma & Greg?

I take exception to the analogy to the cookie-cutter sitcom analogy with Dharma & Greg!  I am just kidding, obviously.  I think these shows and these trends are cyclical.  A couple of my favourite shows when I was a kid were The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits and to me those were really scary.  They certainly fell out of favour for a while as did the cop show and the medical show and the sitcom.  I think any formula or any kind of cookie-cutter type genre can be revived with good writing.

to read more go to ToroMagazine

Criminal Minds Behind The Scene Pictures Episode 7.14

Criminal Minds stars Shemar Moore and Joe Mantegna on the set. Pictures @JoeMantegna 

On the set on Criminal Minds Picture @Gibsonthomas

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Criminal Minds Review Episode 7.08 'Hope'


   In the latest episode of Criminal Minds entitled Hope the team searches for an unsub who they believe is responsible for not only kidnapping a little girl, but abducting the girl’s mother years later. The episode written by Kimberly Ann Harrison did a wonderful job showing the audience how mothers of missing children never give up hope in their desperate search to find their children, no matter how much time passes.  I thought the story was a believable and well thought out one.  I believed with all my heart that any mother in Monica’s situation would have done the exact same thing.  To me the best scene in the episode was at the gas station.  Monica was given a choice: to either walk away and call the police (but take the chance she would never see her daughter again) or go with the unsub willingly (with the hope they she would see her again.) Monica never hesitated she ran straight for the truck and waited for the unsub to return.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t do the exact same thing under those circumstances.
     While the episode did focus on Garcia it still had some great team moments.  Hotch presenting the case to the team for Garcia was a kind but subtle gesture.  JJ walking Garcia through the moments before Monica’s abduction was wonderful; to me it showed just how much the team trusted one another. The team also had some great profiling moments throughout the entire episode.   Those kind of profiling moments have been missing in the past and I was very glad to see them back.  The only really bad thing about the episode was the ending.  Garcia talking to the unsub on the phone I could buy, but her going into the house was so unbelievable to me.  I have a hard enough time with Garcia presenting the cases to the team, but her becoming a hostage negotiator even under these circumstances lost it for me.  I loved that Monica shot and killed the unsub in the end. This man not only abducted and raped both her and her daughter, but was also directly responsible for the daughter taking her own life. Who could really blame her?  
     All in all I thought the episode was a good one.  Believable up until the very end, if Garcia had not have walked into the house it would scored a 10 in my book.  It wasn’t suspenseful, but it didn’t need to be. I guessed the unsub was a member of support group in the first scene, however it did tell a wonderful story of a mother’s love and sacrifice. In my opinion if an episode make you stop and think what you might do in the same situation it is a good story, this episode did exactly that for me. I hope we get many more just like it.