Saturday, January 2, 2010

RETALIATION - Behind the scenes

Season 5, Episode 11 – Aired: 12/16/2009
After an ex-convict makes a daring escape from the BAU's custody and embarks on a killing spree in Lockport, New York, the team must profile the criminal's past in order to catch him again.

Car accident - Take 1 - "Oups! Didn't work..."

Car accident - Take 2 - "it's a wrap"

Entertainment Weekly wish list for 2010

What this has to do with Criminal Minds you might ask? Well EW finally agrees with us that Paget Brewster deserves some regognition!

Quote "An Emmy nomination for underrated Criminal Minds‘ Paget Brewster."

You can read it here at

Victor Webster on an upcoming Criminal Minds episode

Victor Webster in Criminal Minds

Victor Webster has landed the lead role in an upcoming episode of CBS's CRIMINAL MINDS. He will play an unsub!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

THE PERFORMER - Behind the scenes

THE PERFORMER - Behind the scenes

Season 5, Episode 7 – Aired: 11/11/2009
The Performer
The BAU is called to Los Angeles to investigate a series of killings that lead to a Goth rock star who appears to have become lost in the creepy alter-ego he portrays when he is on stage.

House where the party took place

House where the party took place

Helicopter use to bring Gavin Rosedale - Dante - to the party

Ratings for Dec 30

Criminal Minds fast national for Dec 30 2009.

Criminal Minds did pretty well even if it is the Holidays!

CBS Criminal Minds (R) 2.4/7 11.04
NBC The Office (R) 1.6/5 3.53
ABC Modern Family (R) 1.3/4 3.82
FOX Glee (R) 1.3/4 3.59
CW Gossip Girl (R) 0.3/1 0.83

source: tvbythenumbers

A&E Marathon schedule for Jan 1

A&E will have another Criminal Minds Marathon starting at 8h00am on Jan 1.
Here are the episodes that will be shown and a small synopsis;


41 - Ashes and Dust
The BAU hunt down a serial arsonist who's posing as an activist in an environmental group.


43 - Open Season
Our BAU team races to stop a pair of serial killers who abduct their victims, let them loose in the wild to hunt them.


44 - Legacy
The BAU go to Kansas City at the request of a cop whose beat is the downtown area and where 63 people have dissapeared.


45 - No Way Out: The Evilution of Frank
Frank is back and Gideon is his target. Fearing that Frank will kill her, Jane (his love) leaves him.


46 - Doubt
The BAU team, having caught the serial killer, begins to doubt themselves.


47 - In Name and Blood
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) investigates a serial killer in Milwaukee who kidnaps women by using his kid.


48 - Scared to Death
The Behavioral Analysis Unit (B.A.U.) tracks down a sadistic killer who exploits his victims' worst fears.


49 - Children of the Dark
The BAU investigate a series of brutal home invasions that leave a trail of bodies throughout Denver.


50 - Seven Seconds
When a child is abducted at a local mall, the BAU locks down the area and must profile the people at the mall.


51 - About Face
A killer taunts his victims with "Missing" fliers that feature the soon-to-be victim's photo.


52 - Identity
When one half of a killing duo blows himself up when caught by authorities, the team must rush to capture the second half of that duo.


53 - Lucky
The pursuit of a cannibalistic "nightstalker"- type serial killer who believes Satan protects him.


75 - Brothers in Arms
A case hits close to home for former cop Morgan when a serial killer targets police officers.


76 - Normal
The team chases "The Road Warrior," an UnSub who kills blonde women driving luxury cars.


88 - Roadkill
The BAU is called to Hartford, Connecticut to help stop a killer who is running over women with his truck.


82 - Demonology
The BAU team must deal with the Devil himself when exorcisms lead to a series of murders.

Criminal Minds Schedule for Jan 2

CBS will air a repeat of A Shade of Gray on Saturday Jan 2 at 9h00PM EST.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You found us!

Welcome to the Criminal Minds Round Table. When we were positing names for this blog, and Sir Bedivere suggested Criminal Minds Round Table, we knew immediately that was the perfect name for our blog.

It fit in so many ways.

Many fans, and Ed Bernero (CM’s Show Runner and Executive Producer) himself, compare the show and its characters to Arthurian legend and the Knights of the Round Table. Mr. Bernero even went so far as to say that he knew that the stories had to be “Arthurian” to appeal to the most people. The team meets to brief cases at a round table, and there are many parallels between our BAU team and the Knights and other Arthurian characters.

In addition, a Round Table discussion is what we want to have here about any and all topics CM-related. In a Round Table discussion, each participant has equal status and equal time to present views. And finally, since this is going to be a group effort amongst a group of CM fans, we are going to take turns around the table, with each of us posting about the show, our favorite characters and our favorite actors on the show.

So, please join Lady Guinevere, Sir Tristan, Sir Galahad, Sir Gawain, Sir Perceval, Sir Bedivere, Morgana, Merlin, and me, The Lady of the Lake (an extra-added benefit was that we got to choose cool names for our alter egos), in exploring our favorite show, actors, and the Arthurian legend.