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From TV Guide Issue August 29-September 11, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS Emily Prentiss fans, rejoice: In the September 21 premier of CBS' Criminal Minds, Paget Brewster returns as the BAU pursues the terrorist who caused her to fake her own death last season. In one of the scenes, Prentiss contemplates photos of fallen agents, including herself. "For her, it's a very public display - 'Oh my gosh, I was dead to the entire world,' " says exec producer Erica Messer. "It wears heavily on her. But the mood lightens up when Joe [Montegna's character, Rossi] comes up alongside her and tries to remove her photo. She says, 'I tried that. It's screwed in.' " --David Kronke

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thomas Gibson is ready to take care of business. Minor SPOILER

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Thomas Gibson is ready to take care of business

By Jeanne Jakle: Published 05:21 p.m., Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's time to play a little catch-up with San Antonio celebrities. Here goes:
Though I hear Monte Vista resident Thomas Gibson has been spotted picking up groceries at the Olmos Park H-E-B, it took a visit to L.A. for me to get a little one-on-one time with the Criminal Minds star.

He prefers to keep his profile low here, he has said, in order to lead a quiet life with his family: wife Cristina and their three children. At a CBS party, however, he did chat a bit about his new contract and season seven of Criminal Minds, which premieres Sept 21.

Several fans had told me they were on pins and needles until mid-June when Gibson, who has played FBI agent Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner from the beginning, finally negotiated a new contract. He said he's glad, mainly because the cast of Minds is "such a great group of people." As for the new season, Gibson said: "It's going to be great. The show has a new energy and a new outlook."

The first episode will pick up some "unfinished business from last year that needs to be wrapped up," he added.

That unfinished business involves Paget Brewster, whose character, Emily Prentiss, was thought to be dead by most of the BAU team; Hotch and J.J. (A.J. Cook) were the only ones who knew she was alive. They had created the ruse, you see, to throw off a vicious criminal determined to kill her. She returns to feelings of shock and betrayal in the season premiere, however, when other team members realize that J.J. and Hotch had kept such an important secret from them.

Incidentally, Gibson's new contract seems to have netted the actor a nice raise. According to this week's TV Guide, he now earns $120,000 per episode - a solid increase from last year's reported salary of $100,000.

Criminal Minds SPOILER Season 7

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Question: Any word about Criminal Minds exploring Reid’s headaches further this season? —Meredith Ausiello:
The issue is not addressed in the first batch of episodes. What is addressed early on— by Reid himself — is his past drug abuse.

SPOILER! Criminal Minds: Show shuts down bridge

picture Walt Mancini

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Show shuts down bridge

Staff Reports

Posted: 08/22/2011 04:46:52 PM PDT

PASADENA - Shooting for an episode of "Criminal Minds," due to air Oct. 19, closed down the Holly Street Bridge to traffic for several hours Monday. Reportedly the plot involves the mother of a serial killer. Whether that was the woman, dressed in what appeared to be a bridal gown, climbing over the bridge and apparently preparing to jump, was not divulged.

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More Pictures of The Cast of Criminal Minds at The Pageant of the Masters

The Cast of Criminal Minds at The Pageant of the Masters

What a beautiful night to be in Laguna for the Pageant of the Masters. This is the perfect setting for a summer night of fun. That some of the cast of Criminal Minds were there for a Meet and Greet made it all the more special. This is the 3rd year that many of them have attended a showing of The Pageant of the Masters but this is the first year that they have had an event of this nature for the fans of Criminal Minds.

When we first arrived we asked where the event was going to take place and the usher just pointed to the very long line. We arrived about an hour before the signing was supposed to take place and there was already a very healthy line. People were excitedly talking about the show, their favorite actors and characters, their favorite episodes. Let me tell you that the line more than doubled after we joined it.

We knew we were getting close when we spotted the show’s Executive Producer Erica Messer standing close by with some of the loved ones of our cast. Erica saw us and came over for a quick hug and a hello. We introduced her to some fans standing with us in line who all told Erica how much they love Criminal Minds. Erica is always so interested in what fans have to say and we love having her at the helm of our favorite show.

Finally the time arrived for the cast to make their way to the signing area. High-fiving and hugging fans as they made their way through the throngs of people, Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, AJ Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler were there looking as handsome and beautiful as ever. Shemar Moore was slated to join them but couldn’t make it after all to the disappointment of many of the women waiting in line around us.

We took some great pictures of our cast in action, watching them as they interacted with their many adoring fans; talking to them, signing pictures and cards, taking pictures. Because of the length of the line, only a short time could be spent with each fan before they had to be ushered along. But even with just a few seconds, these amazing actors took the time to connect, share a quick laugh, and thank their fans for coming out. If you are a fan of Criminal Minds and the actors on the show, you are a fan of some pretty incredible and kind people.

If you couldn’t be in Laguna last night, CMRT was there for you all by proxy and we hope you enjoy the pictures we share with you.

We will post more pictures in the days to come!