Friday, December 2, 2011

Criminal Minds Behind the Scene Picture Episode 7.14 'Closing Time'

Guest start Bellamy Young on location with Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson.

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Criminal Minds Dean Cain on set

Guest star Dean Cain on the set of Criminal Minds. Pictured here with Criminal Minds make up artist Dayne Johnson.

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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 7 - 712. Unknown Subject - Thomas Gibson Teases 150th Ep... SPOILER!

By Sandra Gonzalez

After getting a flood of emails from Criminal Minds fans asking me about the 150th episode, I knew I had to toss in a few questions about it when I hopped on the phone with Thomas Gibson literally a few hours ago to chat about Hotch’s upcoming possible romance (more on that soon!). And while details on the case are a little premature to reveal, he did talk about the rumored revealing scene between Hotch and Emily. “It’s a really nice scene, and it touches on where she was in her personal and professional life in the last year when she was dead,” Gibson reveals. “And it also allows Hotch to reveal a little bit to her about what goes on with him. He says at one point that he’s tired of being profiled through his office window, where prying eyes are wondering what’s going on when he’s talking to people… There’s some really great stuff between these two. I’m hoping people will tune in and like it.”

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Criminal Minds: Killer sounds for a crime show

                                          Marc Fantini (left) and brother Steffan flank their partner Scott Gordon.     The Fantinis were raised in South Philly.

Killer sounds for a crime show

Musical scores are crucial to a host of TV series, but no other show uses background music as extensively as Criminal Minds. It can make a scary serial killer almost unbearably stomach-turning, or transform a brightly lit police station into midnight at Dracula's castle.
The show's cues, which is what TV and film people call the individual sequences that play as scenes unfold, may lack the lyrics and catchy melodies of the songs on Glee, and they may not sound like music to most viewers, but they can help define character and mood as much as anything that appears on the screen.

Marc and Steffan Fantini, raised at Broad and Dickinson in South Philadelphia, now living in L.A., are two of the three not-so-criminal minds behind the music of the show.
Some of their tricks sound as weird as the psycho killers who populate the disturbing series, which follows a fictional team from the real FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit who jet around in search of the country's worst criminals. The audience eats it up. In its first run, Wednesdays on CBS, Minds is No. 11 in the ratings this season, and reruns are flourishing in syndication on the ION network and cable's A&E. The series plays in more than 50 countries.

"We often take a sound and distort it and destroy it, since the show is so dark and creepy," Steffan Fantini said in telephone interview. "A violin being bowed with a kitchen utensil on the rustiest string makes a horrible, ugly sound, which works so well under these heinous crimes."

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler Q and A: 'I have to stay busy'

Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler Q & A: 'I have to stay busy'

Published Monday, Nov 28 2011  By Catriona Wightman

Hurrah! Excellent news - Criminal Minds' sixth season is out on DVD today. To celebrate, we've already brought you a chat with Thomas Gibson. But hey, don't say we don't spoil you - we've got a bit of bonus natter with Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid).

Matthew recently chatted to reporters about working on the show, so read on to find out how he feels about directing, what show he'd love to be in, and why he likes painting pictures of bunny rabbits...

So, how's Criminal Minds?

"It's going well!"

You act, direct, make films, paint, have your own music label... do you work at night?

"I do! I get very little sleep. But I try to stay constantly busy. My fear is that if I stop working I'll, like, die. So throughout my life I've always tried to remain busy, and I sort of know no other way. I think if my heart rate slowed it would affect my constitution, strangely. I've been trained to do that. My parents instilled a very strong work ethic in me from a young age, fortunately."

So do you finish work on the show and go straight into doing something else in the evening?

"That's sort of my only vacation. Especially with a show this dark - we're so focused on this darkness, darkness, darkness that when I get home the best thing for me to do is to, like, paint a picture of a bunny rabbit or try to do something funny or make something funny. Something that's completely different to give that part of my brain a bit of a rest."

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Criminal Minds Press Release for Episode 7.10 'Bittersweet Science'

 Picture CBS


Guest Stars Include Emmy Award Winner Charles S. Dutton (“Roc”) as Boxing Trainer Tony, Shawn Hatosy (“Southland”) as Boxer Jimmy and Bellamy Young (“Dirty Sexy Money”) as Beth, an Art Curator and Runner Who Becomes Friendly with Hotch

CHEAT TWEET: Hotch’s triathlon training gets his heart racing when he connects w/his running partner #CriminalMinds 12/14 9pm ET/PT


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“The Bittersweet Science” – The BAU team investigates a string of brutal bludgeonings in Philadelphia and is led to the city’s boxing scene in search of the killer. Also, Hotch makes a connection with an attractive runner as they both train for a triathlon, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Dec. 14 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include Emmy Award winner Charles S. Dutton (“Roc”) as boxing trainer Tony, Shawn Hatosy (“Southland”) as boxer Jimmy, and Bellamy Young (“Dirty Sexy Money”) as Beth, an art curator and runner who strikes up a friendship with Hotch.

Joe Mantegna (David Rossi)
Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner)
Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss)
Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan)
Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid)
A.J. Cook (Jennifer “JJ” Jareau) 
Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia)

Shawn Hatosy (Jimmy)
Charles S. Dutton (Tony)
Bellamy Young (Beth)
Abby Brammell (Pam)
David Mazouz (Ryan)
Ludwig Manukian (Dr. Raj Surna)
Jill Alexander (Dr. Joanne Carlton)
Mark Withers (Lou Manzoni)
Ken Lally (Jack)
Kelsey Scott (Paramedic)
Sean Kathryn O’Connor (Dr. Jean Bellamy)
Jeremy Radin (Man)
Sandra Genovese (Billie)
Tim Davis (Jason)
Ray Stefanelli (Referee) 

WRITTEN BY: Janine Sherman Barrois, one of the series’ executive producers