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Criminal Minds Episodes 6.01. 6.02 and 6.03 Reviews

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Criminal Minds Ratings for Episode 6.03 UPDATED!

CBS PLACES FIRST ON WEDNESDAY IN VIEWERS, ADULTS 18-49 AND ADULTS 25-54 FOR THE THIRD CONSECUTIVE WEEK “Survivor: Nicaragua” Wins Its New Time Period in all Key Measures for the Fourth Straight Week “Criminal Minds” is the Night’s #1 Program in Viewers

“The Defenders” Jumps To First Place at 10:00 PM in Viewers and Adults 25-54
CBS placed first on Wednesday in viewers, adults 18-49 (tie) and adults 25-54 for the third consecutive week as SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA won its time period in all key measures, CRIMINAL MINDS was the night’s #1 program in viewers and THE DEFENDERS placed first in viewers and adults 25-54 at 10:00 PM, according to Nielsen preliminary live plus same day ratings for Oct. 6.

At 8:00 PM, SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA was first in households (6.9/12), viewers (11.83m), adults 25-54 (4.7/13) and adults 18-49 (3.6/11). Compared to last week, SURVIVOR was up +3% in adults 18-49 (from 3.5/11). CBS swept this time slot for the fourth consecutive week.

At 9:00 PM, CRIMINAL MINDS was first in households (8.3/13), viewers (13.74m), adults 25-54 (4.5/11) and second in adults 18-49 (3.5/09). CRIMINAL MINDS was the night’s number one program in viewers.

At 10:00 PM, THE DEFENDERS was first in households (5.9/11), viewers (9.29m), adults 25-54 (3.0/08) and second in adults 18-49 (2.1/06).

For the night, CBS was first in households (7.0/12), viewers (11.62m), adults 25-54 (4.0/11) and tied for first in adults 18-49 (3.1/09, with FOX). CBS was first in these measures for the third consecutive Wednesday this season.

Updated Wednesday ratings will be available this afternoon.

source: CBS Press Express

Final Ratings

Criminal Mind
- 13.867 million viewers
- 8.4/14 HH
- 3.5/10 A18-49

Source: TVByTheNumbers

Criminal Minds Promo for Episode 6.04 "Compromising Position"

Criminal Minds New Credit

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Criminal Minds TVGuide Interview with Joe Mantegna SPOILER!

Criminal Minds: What Happens When a Serial Killer Has Alzheimer's?

By by Adam Bryant

Criminal Minds' Behavioral Analysis Unit has an obligation to keep bad guys off the street. But series star Joe Mantegna says every case isn't just about right and wrong.

"Sometimes when a case gets resolved, there's always different aspects to consider. It's not always so cut-and-dried," he tells "There are sometimes conditions that lend themselves to why these things happen. It's interesting when the stories have a little bit of a twist to them."

And Wednesday's episode (9/8c on CBS) has just that. When the BAU begins investigating a string of murders, Rossi (Mantegna) can't help but notice a similarity to a killer he chased over 25 years ago. Just when Rossi got close, the killer stopped, never to be heard from again — until now.

Emmy winner Daniel J Travanti (Hill Street Blues) guest-stars as the killer, who, in his advanced age, has developed Alzheimer's disease and is repeating his murders because he can't remember them.

"It's such a prevalent condition right now," Mantegna says. "It's on a lot of people's minds and has gotten a lot of attention over the last 20 or 30 years. It's a realistic thing, and I thought it was an interesting spin on it. It's something that's rampant in the elder community, and it would certainly be just as rampant among the serial killers."

But because of the killer's condition, Mantegna says it may be difficult for Rossi to take any satisfaction in finally cracking the cold case.

"We tweaked the end just a little bit to make another point that I thought was important," Mantegna says. "On one hand, [the killer is] somebody who's obviously a bane on humanity who spent a good portion of his life as a murderer. Yet on the other, he is now very sick. How much joy does one derive in that? There's relief [for Rossi], but the joy is somewhat tempered because this guy is in a prison already."

But Mantegna's not sure if viewers will have sympathy for Travanti's twisted killer. "I think there will be some sympathy for the condition," he says. "I think people will be able to relate and say, 'Oh, God, that's the same thing Grandpa's got. But then I think the next feeling might be, 'Thank God that's not what Granpda did!'"

Source: TvGuide

Criminal Minds TVGuide SPOILER!


Q: So what can you tell us about any of the BAU members' secrets on Criminal Minds? — Wanda

A: ADAM: Executive producer Simon Mirren tells us that Reid's secret will be a doozy and that it's connected to his "genetic past." But not every reveal will carry the same weight this season. "Some of them are very emotional, and some of them are very simple," says Mirren, who's writing a special Garcia episode. "Garcia's is not a depressing secret. You really see another side of Garcia that we haven't seen in six years of working with her. It's kind of shocking in one way and fantastic in another."

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Criminal Minds Ed Bernero Replace Chris Mundy as the Spinoff Showrunner

Ed Bernero to replace Chris Mundy on CBS' 'Suspect Behavior'

By Micheal Schneider

Exec producer Chris Mundy has exited CBS' upcoming "Criminal Minds" spinoff in a showrunner shakeup.Ed Bernero, who serves as exec producer and showrunner on the "Criminal Minds" mothership, will now run both, focusing much of his attention on getting the spinoff (official name: "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior") up and running.

With Bernero spending more time on "Suspect Behavior" (which he also exec produces), some oversight on "Criminal Minds" has shifted to Simon Mirren and Erica Messer -- both of whom were elevated to exec producer at the start of this season. (Bernero still remains official showrunner on both.)The "Suspect Behavior" showrunner switch comes as other new and returning series have also faced changes at the top. CBS' new Tom Selleck drama "Blue Bloods," for example, saw original showrunner Ken Sanzel exit this summer.

Bernero's double "Criminal Minds" duty is similar to Shane Brennan's dual showrunner hats on "NCIS" and "NCIS: Los Angeles."Mundy, meanwhile, continues to be based at ABC Studios, which produces "Criminal Minds" with CBS TV Studios.

Mundy's credits include "Criminal Minds," where he first wrote the episode last season that became a backdoor pilot for "Suspect Behavior." He also worked on Fox's "Head Cases," CBS' "Cold Case," ABC's "Line of Fire" and the Eye's "Presidio Med."

"Suspect Behavior," which features a new crop of FBI investigators, stars Forest Whitaker, Matt Ryan, Michael Kelly, Janeane Garofalo, Beau Garrett and Kirsten Vangsness (who's splitting her time between both "Criminal Minds" shows).

Besides Bernero, exec producers include Mark Gordon, Andrew Bernstein and Deborah Spera.

Source: Variety

From Dealine Hollywood

Ed Bernero will be pulling double Criminal Minds duties this fall. The executive producer/showrunner of the original CBS series will also serve as showrunner on the upcoming Chriminal Minds spinoff for the offshoot's original 13-episode midseason order. Chris Mundy, originally tapped to run the spinoff, is exiting the crime procedural starring Forest Whitaker. Word is Bernero was brought in to bring a steady hand to the spinoff a couple episodes into its production as the network was reportedly not happy with its creative direction. CBS and CBS Studios, which co-produces Criminal Minds with ABC Studios, employ a similar setup on NCIS and NCIS: LA, both run by Shane Brennan.

Additionally, Bernero is keeping busy on the development front through his ABC Studios-based Bernero Prods. run by Rob Kim. He has set up 3 projects at ABC: a spec, which he wrote; The Box, which he is co-writing with Norman Morrill (How to Make It In America); and a third project written by Laurie McCarthy (Ghost Whisperer), which is still in negotiations.

Criminal Minds Syndication News

Criminal Minds started its syndication run earlier last month. Criminal Minds ratings are impressive since the ratings are only for one day a week! Here are the numbers for Criminal Minds first week in syndication:

Rank - Program - HH - Viewers

2 WHEEL OF FORTUNE 6.4 10,191
3 JEOPARDY 5.5 8,241
4 TWO-HALF MEN-SYN 5.3 8,207
5 FAMILY GUY-WK-SYN 4.0 6,51
6 JUDGE JUDY 4.5 6,299
9 TWO-HALF MEN WKND B 3.0 4,785
10 TWO-HALF MEN WKND A 2.7 4,363
11 FAMILY GUY-MF-SYN 2.8 4,3
12 INSIDE EDITION 2.9 4,12
15 MY WIFE AND KIDS 2.5 3,724
16 GEORGE LOPEZ 2.4 3,691
17 SEINFELD 2.4 3,568
18 OFFICE-SYN 2.3 3,429
19 DR. PHIL SHOW 2.5 3,321
20 CLOSER 2.2 3,24
21 HOW I MET-MTHR-MF-SYN 2.1 3,203
22 KING OF THE HILL-SYN 2.1 3,165
23 HOW I MET-MTHR-WK-SYN 1.9 3,141
24 DR. OZ SHOW 2.3 3,122
25 LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY 2.4 3,119

For more information go to tvbythenumbers

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Criminal Minds is a big hit for ION

ION Resurrects Ratings After Bankruptcy Scares

Oct 4, 2010

-By Anthony Crupi

Off-network acquisition Criminal Minds (pictured) has performed well.
A year after ION Media Networks filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time, the broadcaster put together its strongest ratings period, nearly doubling its prime-time deliveries.

Per Nielsen ratings data, ION Television averaged 1.12 million viewers in the third quarter of 2010, an improvement of 94 percent versus the year-ago period. Based on ION’s sales prime (Sunday-Saturday, 7 p.m.-midnight), the family-friendly net enjoyed significant gains in the core demos, averaging 457,000 adults 25-54 (up 75 percent) and 403,000 viewers 18-49 (up 82 percent).

Off-network acquisitions such as CBS Television Studio’s Criminal Minds and the Warner Bros. Domestic TV procedural Without a Trace have powered ION’s growth. After the network bought the broadcast rights to Criminal Minds a year ago, the series now draws ION’s biggest demos, averaging 605,000 adults 25-54 and 536,000 viewers 18-49 in its Tuesday 10 p.m. time slot.

more at: MediaWeek

Criminal Minds Promo for Episode 6.03 "Rememberance of Things Past"

Criminal Minds Pictures from Episode 6.03 "Remembrance of Things Past"

CRIMINAL MINDS -- "Remembrance of Things Past" -- Prentiss (Paget Brewster, left), Morgan (Shemar Moore, center) and Hotchner (Thomas Gibson, right) help Rossi with a cold case that has haunted him for 25 years when several women are found murdered in a similar fashion, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, DATE Oct. 13th (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Adam...FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY -- DO NOT RE-SELL/DO NOT ARCHIVE

Criminal Minds -- Remembrance of Things Past -- Rossi (Joe Mantegna, left) revisits a cold case that has haunted him for 25 years when several women are found murdered in a similar fashion, causing him to suspect the original unsub (Daniel J. Travanti, right), who now has Alzheimer's Disease, is at work again, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Oct. 13th (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the...FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY -- DO NOT RE-SELL/DO NOT ARCHIVE

CRIMINAL MINDS -- "Remembrance of Things Past" --Rossi (Joe Mantegna) revisits a cold case that has haunted him for 25 years when several women are found murdered in a similar fashion, causing him to suspect the original killer is at work again, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Oct. 13th (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Adam Taylor/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting...FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY -- DO NOT RE-SELL/DO NOT ARCHIVE

Criminal Minds Press release for Episode 6.03 "Remembrance of Things Past

WHEN THE MURDERS OF SEVERAL YOUNG WOMEN MIRROR A CASE ROSSI INVESTIGATED YEARS AGO, HE MUST REVISIT A COLD CASE THAT HAS HAUNTED HIM FOR 25 YEARS, ON "CRIMINAL MINDS," WEDNESDAY, OCT. 13 Guest Stars Include Emmy Award-Winning Actor Daniel J. Travanti ("Hill Street Blues") as Mr. Mullens, the UnSub Who Rossi Tracked in the Original Murders, and Mary Beth Evans ("Days of Our Lives") as Candice DeLilly, Mother of One of the Victims

"Remembrance of Things Past" - When several women are found murdered in a similar fashion, Rossi revisits a cold case that has haunted him for 25 years, causing him to suspect that the original killer is at work again, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Oct. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include Emmy Award winner Daniel J. Travanti ("Hill Street Blues") as Mr. Mullens, the original unsub that Rossi hunted in the first string of killings years ago, who now suffers from Alzheimer's Disease. Mary Beth Evans ("Days of Our Lives") guest stars as Candice DeLilly, the mother of one of the victims.


David Rossi................................ Joe Mantegna
Aaron Hotchner....................... Thomas Gibson
Emily Prentiss........................... Paget Brewster
Derek Morgan.......................... Shemar Moore
Dr. Spencer Reid........... Matthew Gray Gubler
Penelope Garcia.................. Kirsten Vangsness


Colby.......................................... Josh Braaten
Detective Green..................... David Rees Snell
Jocelyn Sherman........................ Renato Powell
Mr. Mullens.......................... Daniel J. Travanti
Anna............................................ Cristen Irene
Candice DeLilly..................... Mary Beth Evans
Sam DeLilly............................ Michael Spound
Jenny DeLilly......................... Megan Gallacher
Lyle DeLilly................................ Mateus Ward
Michael Young............................ Josh Woodle
Heather Langley............................ Ellie Gerber
Officer........................................ Michael Lesly
Young Colby.......................... Michael Ketzner
Karen Bachner...................... Heather Simpson
Mrs. Langley.......................... Nan McNamara
Mr. Langley.................................. Mark Hutter
Shelly.......................................... Marissa Skell
Prison Guard.......................... T. Shaun Russell

WRITTEN BY: Janine Sherman Barrois
DIRECTED BY: Glenn Kershaw