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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - BTS: 1018. Rock Creek Park

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Photo by Harry Bring
I love location scouting? - Photo by Harry Bring
Scouting. This has to work in some episode. Right? - Photo by Harry Bring
Scouting the swamp again. I wonder how many bodies we're going to find in here? ;-p - Photo by Harry Bring
Me and my boo-tch @rickdunkle - Photo by Kim Harrison
@sleewatson Ep.10x18 on DECK! #CriminalMinds - Photo by CM_SetReport
Today on: #dogsofcriminalminds Meet Baby Ira. #CriminalMinds #bestofficeever
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Outside my office! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
@johnhatchitt on break! 4 got to post this!! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Taking a break in Garcia's world. - Photo by Krish Ribeiro
Set Life. #ghostpizza #CriminalMinds. - Photo by CM_SetReport
@SpiresDarcy plotting a camera position with MGG in the scene.#theguyisalwaysthinking - Photo by John Hatchitt
Director Felix Alcala hard at work on CM episode 10-18, "Rock Creek Park".
- Photo by Sharon Lee Watson
Taking a break in Reid's world today. - Photo by Krish Ribeiro
Day 2 of Ep.10x18 with writer @sleewatson, director #FelixAlcala and director's shadow Kristen Alcala! #CriminalMinds - Photo by CM_SetReport
Great minds think alike! #CriminalMinds #CameraDepartment #TONIGHT - Photo by CM_SetReport
Day 3 Criminal Minds Ep. 1018 Boss Erica Messer @JoeMantegna & Thomas Gibson@CM_SetReport #CriminalMinds @sleewatson - Photo by Liz Graham
Just a typical day. Wheels up with Reid and Morgan. #TONIGHT #CriminalMinds - Photo by CM_SetReport
A man of action, in ACTION. #TONIGHT #CriminalMinds - Photo by CM_SetReport
Studying n memorizing today's work to bring DEREK MORGAN to life... CRIMINAL MINDS SEASON 10...
- Photo by Shemar Moore
Sunny beautiful 80* SoCal day and this is where we are all day. - Photo by John Hatchitt
The wildest minds of #CriminalMinds on set today. @sleewatson @GUBLERNATION - Photo by CM_SetReport
A ray of light in even the darkest episodes. AKA Garcia's office. - Photo by Krish Ribeiro
"Hit Em up Style" Fancy Feet Day 7 Criminal Minds Ep 1018 Mathew Gray Gulber
GUBLERNATION & Director Felix [1/2] - Photo by Liz Graham
"Hit Em up Style" Fancy Feet Day 7 Criminal Minds Ep 1018 Mathew Gray Gulber
GUBLERNATION & Director Felix [2/2] - Photo by Liz Graham
Director Felix Alcala and Gollum aka @GUBLERNATION - Photo by Sharon Lee Watson
Agent Loker this Wednesday on Criminal Minds #CriminalMinds #wegotthis - Photo by Emily Churchill
Hey look, another behind the scenes photo #CriminalMinds NEW EPISODE in FOUR HOURS!!!
- Photo by CM_SetReport
In TWO HOURS and all new #CriminalMinds! Till then, here's a tease... - Photo by CM_SetReport

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1019. Beyond Borders - Anna Gunn Cast In Spin-Off

Anna Gunn has found her follow-up to Fox's Gracepoint and Breaking Bad.

The two-time Emmy winner has booked the female lead in CBS' Criminal Minds spin-off, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The spin-off is currently set as a pilot that will shoot in mid-February and air...

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1013. Nelson's Sparrow - Erica Messer's Interview at TV Guide [SPOILERS]

by Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Wednesday's episode of Criminal Minds. Read at your own risk.]

Criminal Minds flashed back to the beginning of the BAU, but it was the end for Gideon.

Seven and a half years after Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) exited that diner and drove off into the sunset, he was killed off on Wednesday's episode. In the opening minutes, the BAU -- including a despondent Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Gideon's heretofore unseen son Stephen (James Lentzsch) -- gather at Gideon's cabin, where someone had shot their former leader dead. But before Gideon took his last breath, he fired a shot at one of his...

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1014. Hero Worship - Promo Video

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1013. Nelson's Sparrow - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'Nelson's Sparrow', written by Kirsten Vangsness and Erica Messer.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll have a new brand one!

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1013. Nelson's Sparrow - TVGuide's Meet the "Godfathers of the BAU"

by Joyce Eng

Gideon is gone, but not forgotten.

That was the thinking Criminal Minds executive producer Erica Messer had when she decided to revisit the early days of the BAU with young Gideon and young Rossi at the helm on Wednesday's episode (9/8c, CBS).

"Within the mythology of the series, Gideon is a very important part," Messer tells "To go back and acknowledge that yeah, he was one of the godfathers of the BAU, it was like, let's do it. It's time to meet godfathers of the BAU. It's been a while since we've seen him as we knew him, but I thought, let's see who that guy was."

Gideon, of course, hasn't been on the drama since Mandy Patinkin notoriously left the show over creative differences in Season 3 and was replaced by Joe Mantegna as Rossi. Though Gideon's been mentioned over the years, Messer felt, now that they're in their 10th season, it was the right time to take a...

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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1019. Beyond Borders - Tyler James Williams Cast In Spin-Off

by Nellie Andreeva

Tyler James Williams, who recurs on The Walking Dead, is set to co-star opposite Gary Sinise in CBS' Criminal Minds planted spin-off. The proposed spin-off will air as an episode of the mothership series written by Criminal Minds executive producer/showrunner Erica Messer.

Like Criminal Minds, the spin-off focuses on a division of the FBI. It follows agents helping...

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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1013. Nelson's Sparrow - Sneak Peeks

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - 1013. Nelson's Sparrow - TVGuide's Mega Buzz: Get the Details on Young Gideon

by Joyce Eng

Gideon and Rossi will share the screen for the first time on Wednesday's Criminal Minds - well, young versions of them - and fans should expect more friendship than fireworks.

Though young Gideon (Ben Savage) and young Rossi (Robert Dunne) are as different back then as they are now, Joe Mantegna says it's very much a case of...

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CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - Safety For Sarah PSA - Video

Join us and say never again, safety on set first!
Remember Sarah Jones.