Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Criminal Minds Promo for episode 8.11 "Perennials"

Criminal Minds comments thread for episode 8.10 "The Lesson"

Here you can post comments about the Criminal Minds episode 8.10 "The Lesson" Directed by Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler.

Enjoy tonight episode!

Matthew Gray Gubler on directing and Reid's girlfriend

by Douglas Wolfe

To many, Matthew Grab Gubler has changed the face of fictional nerds, thanks to his portrayal of the brilliant and fascinating Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.

With the actor on board to direct tonight's episode, "The Lesson," TV Fanatic chatted with him about the psychology of the series, his unauthorized documentary and much more...

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'Criminal Minds': Matthew Gray Gubler Reveals 'Beautiful' Yet 'Horrifying' Scene

By Philiana Ng

The actor, who also directed Wednesday's episode, hints to THR that Reid and his mystery girl's first meeting will be out of the norm: "When they do finally meet, it's under a very, very, very unique circumstance."

Matthew Gray Gubler steps behind the camera on the latest episode of CBS' Criminal Minds.

 For the series star, who plays Dr. Reid on the long-running procedural, each opportunity he gets to direct his co-stars has been memorable -- for their own distinct reasons.
"Each one has been its own gem to me, but..."

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Matthew Gray Gubler on Directing "Magic Realism" and Reid's First Date Ever SPOILER

by Joyce Eng

Wednesday's Criminal Minds is the fourth episode Matthew Gray Gubler has directed — and the episode itself might not have even been made if he hadn't directed his first three.

"The whole impetus behind this story is very bizarre and when the network heard that I was directing this one and they knew that the last one I did was slightly strange and worked, they gave us the go-ahead," Gubler, who plays Reid, tells "They were like, 'We trust your writing. We trust Matthew's directing and we're going to let you do this crazy thing. Good luck.' That was the sign-off. I felt I had a little favorable treatment since the last ones I've done have been odd but effective. I've paid my dues!"

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Criminal Minds minor SPOILER

   picture  @Jsbarrois  JanineShermanBarrois

source: EW

Criminal Minds scoop, PLEASE!! — Kelly

OK!! Episode 20, which will be the second directed by star Matthew Gray Gubler this season, will be “something unlike you’ve ever seen,” he says Not enough? “Female unsub is all I’ll say.”

Criminal Minds TVGuide MegaBuzz SPOILER

picture @Jsbarrois JanineShermanBarrois

Since the season-long unsub on Criminal Minds has a connection to the BAU, is it someone we've seen before, like an old unsub? — Pat

ADAM: That would make sense, right? Unfortunately, the show is currently casting someone new to play The Replicator. (However, showrunner Erica Messer hasn't ruled out 

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EDGE interview with Joe and Gia Mantegna

by J.M. Stewart

There is no greater joy for a father than seeing his daughter follow him into the family business. Because of the business he's in, Joe Mantegna is granted the added pleasure of literally watching his daughter, Gia, as she makes a name for herself on stage and screen. Every Hollywood family deals with this dynamic a little differently, of course. Yet as J.M. Stewart discovered during a leisurely meal at Taste of Chicago in Burbank, Joe and Gia handle it particularly well. If you’re one of those people who thinks that acting is an art and parenting is a job, well, this interview may change your mind. For the Mantegnas, it's clearly the other way around.

EDGE: I would like to start by avoiding the obvious question, which goes something like, 'Gia, what have you learned about acting from your father...'

(simultaneously) JM: Everything.

(simultaneously) GM: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

EDGE: Okay then. Well, in the spirit of avoiding that question, Joe, what have you learned from watching Gia?

JM: Part of what I've learned is that what we do is inherent. It's just there. When I became an actor, I saw the children of actors working and wondered, What's that about? Would they have even gotten into acting if they weren't following their parents? I came from a background of no actors, nobody in my family... To Read More:

Criminal Minds Sneak Peek episode 8.10 "The Lesson"