Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - AJ Cook's Interview for Estrella TV - Video

Canal Estrella TV is a Spanish-language US broadcast TV network. Due to that fact, the interview is half in Spanish, half in English... meaning only AJ Cook speaks all the time in English, while the host does so mostly in Spanish. In any case, is a fun interview with a couple of hilarious moments that need no languages skills to enjoy fully.

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 10 - TVGuide's Mega Buzz - SPOILERS!

by Adam Bryant

Q: Got anything on Criminal Minds? — Janice
A: Remember The Replicator from Season 8? Don't worry — he's not returning, but Season 10 will feature another long-term unsub. Like The Replicator story line, it will be...

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