Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Kill Me, Deadly" - A Film Noir Comedy with Kirsten Vangness and Joe Mantegna uses Kickstarter to complete funding

"Why fall in love with a broad you can trust?
That's like reading a book you already know the ending to."


KILL ME, DEADLY is a labor of love for an intrepid group of theatre and film artists that have collaborated for years. We first brought this story to life on stage with a live theater production in 2009 that played to sold-out houses and rave reviews. The script's subsequent publication has seen it performed on stages all across the US, Canada and Ireland. Now that it's ready for its close up, we're bringing the story to the medium it was always intended for: film. KILL ME, DEADLY is a love letter to the classic Hollywood noirs of the 1940s; full of memorable characters, snappy dialogue and gorgeous black and white cinematography that transports you back to the world of Bogie and Bacall, molls and gangsters, femme fatales and hapless private eyes - all with enough intrigue and action to send Billy Wilder's head spinning. But what makes KILL ME, DEADLY unique are the laughs! We take this beloved genre back to its roots with a razor-sharp comedic spin, concocting a gorgeous cocktail for the eyes and ears that will require the viewer to wear their finest laughing pants. Our top-notch cast of actors and an incredibly talented crew have worked hard to make this a film that will delight cinema lovers all around the world, and with your help we can make it happen.

  • Kirsten Vangsness as renowned vibraphonist and torch singer, Mona Livingston...
  • Joe Mantegna as Bugsy Siegel...
  • Lesley-Anne Down as Lady Clairmont...
  • Dean Lemont as Charlie Nickels...
  • Comedian Paul F. Tompkins as Jaimie...
That's just the tip of the iceberg! This cast is chock-full of super talented actors - both famous and not-so famous - who are doing this movie because THEY BELIEVE IN IT!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Criminal Minds What we could expect in season 9

If Criminal Minds won't repeat "The Replicator" story line in Season 9, what are they going to do? — Emily

ADAM: You might see some blasts from the past! Besides smaller arcs — á la The Reaper

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Joe Mantegna at the 2013 Memorial Day Concert

Joe Mantegna [L] and Gary Sinise [R]
Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna was a co-host with actor Gary Sinise at the 2013 Memorial Day Concert that honor America's military.

 Picture taken at the dress  rehearsal. 


"The Bounce Back" is a heartfelt romantic comedy about finding the courage to love after love has let you down.


I've been in love a few times in my life and one of the most difficult things to do after a bad break-up is to get back up on that proverbial horse. You're hurt, you feel a bit broken and vulnerable and the last thing you want is to open yourself up to the pain again. In the past, I have found myself filling up that loneliness with work, work and more work.  That did lead to success, but I felt as lonely as I ever had until... I realized something.  There is no substitute for love and the only way to get it back in my life was to be vulnerable again.  You can't have love if you're not willing to take the risk.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jayne / Erin, Thank You So Much

We, the Knights and Ladies of the Criminal Minds Round Table, would like to congratulate Jayne Atkinson for her magnificent portrayal during 7 seasons of FBI Section Chief Erin Strauss, and give her a big Thank You! for all the effort and time she has dedicated to our show, Criminal Minds.

[L] 223: Strauss introduction on Criminal Minds - [R] 302: Strauss wake-up call during her 1st time in the field
[L] 306: Strauss butting heads with Rossi - [R] 509: Strauss talking about Haley's death to Hotch
[L] 709:  Strauss confronted about her drinking problem - [R] 723/724: Strauss in the fiel helping the team
[L] 816: Strauss apologizing to Blake - [R] 816: Strauss backing the team to pursue The Replicator

Controversial, and complex a woman that she was, Erin Strauss will be missed by all.

Jayne Atkinson, on the other hand, is a classy dame and a great actress whose next works we'll all love to follow and enjoy for years to come.

[L] 823: Strauss working seamlessly with the team - 824: Strauss last smile to Rossi and us all

Ma'am, has been a pleasure to meet you...

~~ Sir Elyan The White ~~