Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Criminal Minds' cast: Deadly serious about recycling. Contain SPOILERS

by Gerri Miller

Having grown up in a family that recycles, Erica Messer makes sure the set of "Criminal Minds," the show she produces, does the same — among other green practices. "My granddad used to have me stomp on his Pepsi cans and we'd take them to the recycling place. I grew up doing it so if I see a can in the trash I take it out and put it in the recycling bin. We have bins and recycle everything on the stage, and all internal documents and scripts are double-sided. It reduces the costs but it's more than that. It makes me crazy" when people don't do it, said Messer, at CBS' fall launch event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.
The procedural drama, which follows the elite BAU criminal profiling unit of the FBI as they hunt down serial killers, returns for its seventh season Sept. 21 on CBS. "I think the writers do a really good job of keeping the show very smart. It's a very dark show but I think the reason people like is not just that it's creepy and dark. It's a very smart, intuitive, informative show," Shemar Moore accounted for "Criminal Minds'" enduring popularity. "I think the seven of us have a really good chemistry. We don't step on each other's toes. Whoever you are you can relate to at least one of us," the actor (pictured below with Kirsten Vangsness), who recycles at home, added.

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  1. Erica...I'm so happy to hear this, about the recycling. while my sister & I had to "clean/go through/get rid of... everything in my parents house when they died,(62 yrs worth) We took the time to make sure everything was either recycled, donated, or just plain given to friends. hardly anything got into the trash. ( although just for note, stuff animals don't last forever, my mom had save 2 of each of us 5 kids) talk about dry rotten, esp my oldest brother who is 62! Must say, where my sister lives, they don't recycle, so this little sister was able to teach big sister something for a change :)
    I thank you & Mother Earth thanks you!


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