Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keep AJ Cook and Paget Brewster Petition

Albert L. Ortega / PR photos

A petition was started to convince CBS to keep AJ Cook on the show and not to cut back Paget Brewster's involvement with Criminal Minds. Please take a stand against this outrageous decision by CBS and sign the petition.



  1. well here we go again CBS another stupid mistake. I do not know who is running CBS but they need a brain transplant badly. A.J. Cook is such a good actress and if you remove her from this cast I am afraid you will not have to many viewers of Criminal Minds and this show will then have to be canceled how sad. It seem that CBS suffers from foot in mouth disease

  2. A.J Cook is the best actor on T.V and u will not mess with the family. you guys are being Racist to women everwhere and me as a woman will not tolorate it leave them on you will lose lots of viewers then that us the end of the best show on T.V. And if you are reading these A.j and,or Paget you should not have too put up with this Please Please for the Sake of criminal minds Mago into CBS Studios and demand you get t o kewep your job and maybe u both could go in there toghter or maybe with the entire cast and start a save THe Family March

  3. Cut the two best female actresses in show business today.......simple.....I cut you CBS


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