Thursday, January 7, 2010

Showrunner Ed Bernero

Criminal Minds: Ed Bernero, Exec Producer of Criminal Minds, gives a shout out to the Criminal Minds Fanatics.

Edward Allen Bernero parlayed 10 years as a Chicago police officer into a successful career putting cops on the TV screen. Entering the TV biz as a freelance writer for Brooklyn South, Bernero created the long-running crime series Third Watch, rising to the position of showrunner and remaining the series’ most prolific writer. Now, Bernero just passed the 100th episode milestone at the helm of the scariest show on television: CBS’ Criminal Minds. In fact, according to Bernero, the only thing scarier than the serial killer “unsubs” (unidentified subjects) is the TV development biz.

He talks candidly and controversially about the writer’s strike, network/studio notes, declining TV viewership, why he hates Hulu, how it’s hard to make a man’s show, and what he'd rather be writing instead of crime, cops, and serial killers.

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