Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome Back Criminal Minds - Season 7

Every season the members of the Criminal Minds Round Table look forward to this time of year and the season premiere of our favorite show, Criminal Minds. It’s like Christmas and our birthdays rolled into one. However, no season has ever been more anticipated than this one. After a topsy-turvy, twisty Season 6 where we lost two of our beloved cast members and were on the brink of losing two others, a minor-miracle happened. Not only did two of our handsome leading men, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, sign new contracts that would keep them on our team but our two lovely departed ladies, AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, were brought back! AJ’s Jennifer Jareau is back from her stint with the State Department and, even more dramatically, Paget’s Emily Prentiss will return from the “dead”.

Gone are the inferences to budget cuts, transfers and faked deaths. This season holds much promise. Our new show-runner, Erica Messer, has dedicated this season to the fans and there are no bigger ones than the members here. We could not anticipate what will start to unfold tonight any greater than we do. We are positively giddy.

So a BIG CMRT thank you to our wonderful cast (AJ Cook, Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson), Executive Producer Erica Messer, the CM writers, the CM_SetReport and our hardworking crew for bringing back this awesome feeling. You will always have our support and we hope this is the best season yet.

The members of the Criminal Minds Round Table


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Wheels up!


  3. Totally agree ... Thank you all CriminalMinds team cast & crew you all ... you make a great work

  4. can anyone tell me why all of a sudden CM isn't available on itunes or amazon? (seasons 1-6 are available on itunes.) i don't have t.v. reception where i live and so i have downloaded episodes the day after they air on itunes. i'm super bummed that CM season 7 isn't up like all the other seasons. i've been waiting for the premiere only to think i may have completely missed it. any suggestions or other sites where i might be able to watch last night epi?? many thanks, olivia


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