Thursday, September 22, 2011

Criminal Minds Fast National Ratings for Episode 7.01 'It Takes a Village'

Here are the ratings for Criminal Minds : 14.07 millions viewers with the 18-49 demo at 4.1. Criminal Minds did beat in viewers FOX much hyped X-Factor which gather 12.14 millions viewers.

Congratulations to the cast, writers and crew!

p.s we will post the finals ratings later today when those are made available.


  1. 14 million viewers and a 4.1 demo is very strong for a seventh year show. Very happy for them!

  2. BIG numbers!! Go Criminal Minds! Congratulations to them all!

  3. does anyone know when the premiere will be available for download. it's usually up on itunes the next day, but so far nothing. i'm worried that they may not be carrying season 7 on line ... could that be?!?

  4. For iTunes it seems that it will take up to two weeks after an episode air before it will be release on iTunes.


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