Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview With Shemar Moore and NEW Clip from the Season 7 Premiere SPOILER

Here is a link to an Interview that Shemar Moore did for promoting the season 7 premiere. Also you will see a NEW clip from the Season 7 Premiere!

To see the interview and NEW Video clip go to TVReplay


  1. I agree with Shemar Moore entirely, there's no time for romance on that show. I don't mind seeing little bits of their private life but I don't want it to include romance stories for anyone (not for Morgan, not for Reid,...).

  2. Yeah I'd have to agree.. I dont want to see romance on the show either. I would like to see the stories and a little about them and their personal life, the mystery of the characters is exciting and as we learn a little about them here and there keeps us intrigued but to put cheesy romance into the mix would just throw off the whole focus of the show. I did like Garcia's bit with the shower and the scene with Rossi was funny..and J.J. having the baby is sweet moment.. but other than that really think its a waste of air time and better used in the story line. I'd much rather see good footage of an action sequence or investigation than a quick romp

  3. it's sort of not gonna be criminal minds as befor if it is abouth the team more than the criminalas

  4. I think that this seasons theme is rebuilding: rebuilding between the team and rebuilding the series to the fans.

    And that explains the necessity of discovering more about our heroes while saving people from the crazy unsubs. I agree with Shemar about relationships at this moment, but in the future I believe that one or two (Em, Derek, Spence) should have relationships outisde the team. But maybe this is not the season, and they should focus in relationships inside the team.

    I hope No. 7 is like 3 and 4, the episodes before Rossi and after Gideon were my favorites, since the show became Criminal Minds and stop being The Gideon Show. It allowed everyone on the team to show its capabilities and contribute, these were the best character development episodes. Hope Erica can replicate some of this.

  5. I do not mind seeing some clips concerning the personal lives of the characters but not romances. Tonight Erica Messer mentioned in the twitter chat that some team members will have romantic interests this season. I am not happy about this. I fear that it will be Hotch since she said we will see a different side of him & Thomas Gibson said in an interview that Hotch needs to date soon. I know that many fans will disagree with me, but I do not want romance on the show especially for Hotch. I want to first see how he dealt with Haley's death. I THINK THAT WRITERS CAN THINK OF MUCH MORE CREATIVE STORY LINES FOR HOTCH AND THE OTHER TEAM MEMBERS! I agree with Shermar Moore about relationships! I was hoping that the show would not go this route. I still like seasons 1-6 though.


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