Monday, September 19, 2011

Criminal Minds Page 1 of the 'It takes a Village' Script SPOILER

source: @CM_SetReport


  1. What?? Four remain? What is this?! lul-super excited now!

  2. I'm right there with you!! How can one page of a script get you THIS amped up. I'm totally psyched for Wednesday. Normally not one to wish time away but I wish it were already time for CM!!

  3. "sabbaticals,transfers,reassignments". We know what happened to Ashley and what Hotch is doing, but what about Reid ?
    I suppose Hotch took the sabbatical to have his hands free. Was Reid transfered to another unit ? I would hate it if they simply told us Reid asked for a transfer during that time, he always saw this team as his family (it's also why the Hotch and JJ's lie is going to hurt him so much).
    Maybe he was reassigned and didn't have a choice ?

  4. My guess is Seaver was transferred, Hotch was reassigned to the Pakistan thing and Reid took a sabbatical (God knows he needed a break)

  5. I don't like the idea of Reid simply taking a sabbatical of fourteen weeks. I don't like the idea at all.

    He was still fine by the end of season six and even said to Hotch 'Why would anyone of us want to leave the BAU ?'.
    They mentioned both 'transfers' and 'reassignments'. Apparently from what Mr Gibson said, Seaver was reassigned, I would like to think Reid was transfered to another unit, and that it wasn't his choice.

    If Erica Messer simply wrote Reid taking a sabbatical because she didn't know what to do with that character, I'll be pissed !
    I know Reid is far from being her favorite character and usually she doesn't know what to do with him, but still....
    I really, really, hope she didn't have him taking a long leave of absence because she couldn't find anything to write for him that covered that period of time !

  6. I wonder if Reid was dealing with his mom. I read in this article []: "Reid had been dealing with his mom, which might have been something we lost in the premiere, but we touch on in Episode 2," Messer said." It makes the most sense that the reason he would take sabbatical would be to deal with his mother. The more I think about it, the more I think that's it. Which just made me more excited.

  7. To Anonymous,
    I don't mind if the story about him dealing with his mother really goes somewhere this time (instead of it being something mentioned once or twice and then forgotten ...).
    We don't know if Jane Lynch will be back at all, nothing has been said on that subject. Jane Lynch is a hot commodity now, if her return on Criminal Minds was already a sure thing I think we would have heard something about it (something official), even if it was just for one episode.
    Erica Messer just mentioned Jane Lynch in a chat months ago, but nothing has been confirmed and I'm more than doubtful.

    I already don't like the fact that Reid is apparently not being questioned by the committee like his other teammates are in the premiere. Oh, I know they'll give us an excuse, but Hotch wasn't there either during the last few months, yet he's still being questioned (there were pictures of him with the others).
    Garcia too is questioned at some point, I remember seeing a picture of her too with the others.
    It's moments like these where I wish the writers would remember that Reid is an actual member of the team instead of putting him aside.
    It feels as if dealing with the committee is not his business, that it doesn't concern him....when all his other colleagues are being questioned.
    But maybe I'm wrong and he'll be questioned too...we'll see.


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