Monday, September 19, 2011

Picture of Shemar Moore, Rick Dunkle and Simon Mirren doing the TOUGH MUDDER

PHOTO courtesy Jane McKidd

Stray Dogs team before they set out.

Stray Dogs team before they set out. doing TOUGH MUDDER!


Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy, ROME) - 5th from back L
Simon Mirren (Ex. Prod., Criminal Minds) - 8th from back L
David James Elliott (C.S.I: New York, J.A.G) - 7th from back L
Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds) - 6th from back L
Alex Hackford
Gary Love
James Strom
Joe Jetsyn
John Jetsyn
Jon Barton
Rick Dunkle
Scott Seidel
Scott Wilson
Jace Sparks - 1st from back L
Wesley Olison

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