Monday, September 19, 2011

Jack Coleman to Guest Star on Criminal Minds

Jack Coleman, of Heroes fame, will be guest starring on Criminal Minds, to read more go to TVLIne


  1. Jack Coleman! I remember watching him way back when I was a kid. Can't wait to see this ep!

  2. yes he was on Dynasty!

  3. I'm very intrigued and cautiously pleased with the description of the episode. It very roughly makes me think of Birthright in season 3. With a former victim of an unsub still being drawn in to current crimes. Crossing my fingers that there will be a lot of interaction with the daughter since she'll have first hand knowledge on how Bill operates. And, maybe they'll deal with things like misplaced guilt and inner strength and all those things that Criminal Minds does well when they address it.

    Also, I was more interested in another guest star. Brigid Brannagh. Yet another person Thomas Gibson acted with before guest starring on CM.

  4. Two gays (a senator and an FBI agent) and a pervert (this show). Jack Coleman will definitely make TV entertaining this season! :D


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