Monday, September 19, 2011

Season 7 is "A Season For the Fans"

EXCLUSIVE from the TV Fanatic:

After a tumultuous year that saw her fired and her character written out abruptly, only to be brought back after widespread fan revolt, A.J. Cook promises that Criminal Minds' devoted following will be rewarded.

The actress told me that the CBS drama's seventh season, which begins Wednesday night, is in large part inspired by the fans whose voices helped ensure the seven-member cast and its chemistry remain intact.

"The first seven episodes all offer personal very moments," she said, promising stories delving deeper into the characters viewers have grown so attached to. "This season is, in many ways, a season for the fans."

Read the rest of the article here: Tvfanatic

"A Season for the Fans" - As huge fans of Criminal Minds, what more could anyone ask for!!

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  1. i can't wait till wednesday...i am very happy that the (our) team is back. kudos to all.


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