Thursday, April 3, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - Joe Mantegna at The Queen Latifah Show - Video Interview [Highlights]

Joe Mantegna during his backstage wait to be interviewed.
On Tuesday, April 2th, 2014 our Joe Mantegna (SSA David Rossi in Criminal Minds) was interviewed at The Queen Latifah Show. Here are some highlights for those fans that missed it.

PS. If a copy of the full interview is found at a later date, we'll update this post, and tweet a heads up.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 921. What Happens in Mecklinburg - Promo Video

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - 920. Blood Relations - Comments Thread

This thread is open for you all to post comments and talk about tonight's new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, titled 'Blood Relations' and written by Breen Frazier.

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode, and remember that next week we'll have a brand new one!

CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 - BTS: 923. Angels

This post may contain spoilers, probably small, but they may be big too; proceed with caution!
This post will be updated when more images of our dear gang are shared from the set.

Fill in the blank... #criminalminds - Photo by Rick Dunkle
923 scout lunch. Director Rob Bailey (A Brit) orders turkey pot pie. OMG. - Photo by Harry Bring
#criminalminds EP#923 readthru is upon us! #getready - Photo by CM_SetReport
The gangs all here this beautiful Tues morning in L.A. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Tomorrow! @GUBLERNATION @shemarmoore @JoeMantegna @ajcookofficial @CM_SetReport
- Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
Making DIY @gublergram directed CM advert. Picture & signage by me, goofball-ness by @shemarfmoore
- Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
Sleeping on the job! The BAU team would never do that! Be sure to watch an all new episode of Criminal Minds directed by Matthew Gray Gubler tonight at 9PM! - Photo by CM_SetReport
Episode 923 Costumes rack. - Photo by Harry Bring
Thought of @philgaimon when walking thru stage and came across these warm
Coconut-Chocolate Chip-Macadamia beauties. - Photo by John Hatchitt
This is not what we need showing up at work with only 2-weeks till State Championship. - Photo by John Hatchitt
Crew gift today on the set of #CriminalMinds EP9x23 Day 3 of 8 #todiefor @inandoutburger
- Photo by CM_SetReport
Nothing like a lil S&M at night in the woods to start your weekend.
- Photo by John Hatchitt
What are the odds of Lightning Striking this church with these two @PamLeonte &
@Jsbarrois sitting here? - Photo by John Hatchitt
This is the life, getting paid to sunbath while waiting for Actors to get on set. #allgoodinthehood
- Photo by John Hatchitt
Shooting the finale! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Greetings from HQ - Photo by Kirsten Vangsness
Director Rob Bailey doing his thing! Part 1 of cm season 10 finale! Woohoo!
@CM_SetReport - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Ok everyone eats cra-cra on set! Our director just took the cake! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Things are heating up on CRIMINAL MINDS. Filming in the desert, feels like 100☼( I know it isn't).
- Photo by Joseph Geisinger
Our Exec Prod/Writer Janine, on location Taking care of biz  - Photo by Joseph Geisinger
just another day in paradise ☻  - Photo by Joseph Geisinger
Researcher/writer of tonight's all new episode, Ticona Joy is still working.
Somebody tell her #criminalminds is on! - Photo by CM_SetReport
Selfie with Pam! On set! Part 1 of finale!! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
It's always nice to be waiting on night to finish the day. - Photo by John Hatchitt
@johnhatchitt having fun in today's restaurant location. - Photo by Harry Bring
A few dead bodies to start off our night. Perfect beginning. - Photo by Harry Bring
We're gonna blow out some windows tonight. - Photo by Harry Bring
Ok. Let's wire up more stuff to blow up. - Photo by Harry Bring
S/F coordinator Andre doing? Well were not really sure since we don't see a lot of him.
Sure it involves fireworks ! - Photo by John Hatchitt
Director Rob Bailey explaining the next shot. - Photo by Harry Bring
Rob bailey not only can direct but he can also dress! @CM_SetReport
@CrimMinds_CBS CM finale action seq. rehearsal! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Full on rehearsal. - Photo by Harry Bring
Janine and MGG. - Photo by Harry Bring
People, equipment, and lots of other shit. Big final sequence in Part One. - Photo by Harry Bring
Guess who? - Photo by Harry Bring
JT and HB - Photo by Harry Bring
MGG being hounded by the looky loo's. - Photo by Harry Bring
The great @LLPOS! Late night on CM! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Not just on Facebook. - Photo by Harry Bring
1am and we're still cooking. - Photo by Harry Bring
SFM to the rescue. - Photo by Harry Bring
1:37am and we're still shooting guns in the parking lot. - Photo by John Hatchitt
3:30am and the siege continues. - Photo by Harry Bring
We are still going strong. - Photo by Harry Bring
Wrapping up! - Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
The great @johnhatchitt! On location part 1 season finale!!
- Photo by Janine Sherman Barrois
Ruh Roh! - Photo by Harry Bring
DEREK MORGAN GOT GRAZED BY A BULLET!!!! I'm too fast... Can't hit what you can't see!!!! CRIMINAL MINDS FINALE EPISODE for Season 9... - Photo by Shemar Moore
SFM doing his thing. - Photo by Harry Bring
Gubes took off a bloody bandage and gave it to one of our looky loo's - Photo by Harry Bring
Going over his lines. - Photo by Harry Bring
See! Blake is alive and well. - Photo by Harry Bring
Gubes taking pics with some fans by our set. Nice - Photo by Harry Bring
More fan appreciation - Photo by Harry Bring
Matthew pleasing the group! - Photo by Linda De Andrea