Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Radio Interview with Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson who Play SSA Aaron Hotchner on Criminal Minds talks about the Season 7 premiere with Chuck_995. To listen to the Radio Interview With Thomas Gibson go to Chuck


  1. Great Interview!! I am looking forward to Season 7 episode one tonight. Thomas Gibson mentioned in this interview that Hotch might get a love interest. This is my opinion, but I DO NOT WANT HOTCH to get a love interest this season. Maybe in the last few episodes of the series but not next season. I think the writers can think of more creative story lines for Hotch than a romance. I want to see more team interaction & Hotch with his son. I hope the writers do not take this route of introducing too much romance in the show. I still want to see Hotch deal with Haley's death. We never really saw the full effects of this on him.

  2. No, he just said he hoped he gets a love interest. That's a very different thing from saying it might happen. People hope for things that don't happen all the time. Since no one has ruled it out, we can't say it definitely won't happen, but it hasn't been said that it might happen either.


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