Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thomas Gibson Interview with Young Hollywood


Inside the "Criminal Mind" of Thomas Gibson

The very dashing Thomas Gibson stops by the Studio, and after 7 seasons of playing an FBI Behavioral Analyst on "Criminal Minds", could he be developing a mild case of A.D.D.? He certainly keeps busy off the set, what with his tap dancing, ukulele playing, and slide-tackle golf. He also explains his obsession with posting photos of feet on Twitter and his interesting connection with Tom Cruise. Hosted by Oliver Trevena.


  1. I love this man!!! : )

  2. Love this interview, TG looks good, love when he smiles and laugh, thanks for posting this video!

  3. So nice to see him looking good. Previous photos had him looking
    desparate. Hopefully he is well and got over whatever was bothering
    him...You could'nt help notice. There was such a change. Wishing him
    all the best and good luck with Season 7,


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