Monday, October 10, 2011

Criminal Minds Sneak Peek at Episode 7.04 'Painless'


Source SpoilerTV


  1. Thanks for the link !

    Two things :

    1) I'm not a big fan of 'super profiler JJ', I preferred her as the media liaison of the team. But I'll deal with it.

    2) Where's Reid ? It's not that I absolutely needed to see him in the sneak peek, but usually we see all the team members discussing at the table about the case. At this point in the episode, they all have some lines to say (even if it's not much). Is Reid even in this scene at all ? I'm intrigued because at JJ's right (near the beginning) we catch a glimpse of what could be the arm/shirt of someone, but I'm really not sure. Is Reid late because of his family issues (since we know there's something going on with his mother) or is here but not participating at all ?
    I'm really interested to see that, but maybe I'm wrong about Reid not being here....we'll see.

  2. Yes Reid is not in that clip, wonder why. Usually he sit next to Prentiss and why is Hotch standing?

    Like JJ as a profiler, she is SO much more believeable as a profiler than Seaver.

  3. Reid is sitting to JJ's right. Pause the video about the 15 second mark and you'll see his shoulder. And JJ as a profiler is doing a great job and so much better than Seaver. JJ has always profiled, now we just get to see her have more confidence when doing so.

  4. To Criminal Minds Round Table :

    I'm not that surprised by Hotch standing instead of sitting. I might be wrong but I don't think it's the first time we see him standing during a briefing.

    If Reid's is really here his complete silence during that scene is really strange. They always give all the characters some lines at this moment of the episode. I guess we'll soon see what this is about.

    About JJ, I really preferred her at the media liaison of the team.
    It's not that I don't appreciate changes, but I have to admit that I simply don't think this particular change was a good one.

    We already had five profilers on the team (I'm not counting Seaver), and that was a lot. It was already clear (at that time) that the writers were experiencing difficulties when it came to give a role to all the profilers of the team. They're, more or less, doing the same job when they're on the field even if the writers try their best to differentiate their style, expertise and contribution . And there's so much they can do on that front.
    Now, that exact same job has to be divided between six people instead of five.
    That's why I have issues with JJ being a profiler instead of staying the media liaison of the team.
    But like I said I'll deal with it. If the JJ fans are happy with JJ being a profiler then it's good for them.
    And you're right, JJ as a profiler is more believable than Seaver as a profiler. I still wish she had stayed the media liaison of the team.

  5. You are seeing a portion of this scene. Why jump to conclusions until you've seen the entire scene on Wednesday.

  6. I can't believe some are obsessing over why Reid isn't featured in a sneak peek. It's Criminal Minds people, not LOST. There are no hidden meanings behind anything they do. I'm sure Reid is in the scene some place. If I were going to obsess over something I think I'd obsess over the fact that Rossi and Hotch didn't work together 10 years ago because Rossi was retired. I do love CM and their whacky timelines. LOL

    I don't care for JJ as a profiler either. I don't hate it, but I liked her just fine the way she was. She used to be unique and have a unique position on the team, now she's just one of the many. I absolutely hate Penelope presenting the cases.

  7. In response to the whole JJ The Profiler now, I'd prob say I'm in the "I'm fine with it" camp. I think the main reason behind it was that it meant AJ, as an actor, had a more defined role on the show and that this may stop CBS trying their antics any time in the future so to this end, I'm happy she's getting more screen time.

    On the other hand, I liked her previous role as well. Hopefully she can still use the liaison knowledge to her advantage.

    Loving this season :D Thanks for the link,


    PS: I do believe that Reid is sitting to the right of JJ ?

  8. Yes! As Sir Bedivere pointed out, it appears that Reid is sitting to JJ's right. It is so annoying when people try to read too much into short scenes (or even longer ones). People need to quit trying to interpret too much. As someone previously posted, not everything has a hidden meaning. Relax people.

  9. How can Rossi and Hotch have been working the case together ten years ago. Rossi was not with the BAU ten years ago but retired.


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