Monday, October 10, 2011

Criminal Minds Episodes information SPOILERS!

From SpoilerTV

Episode 7.07 is JJ centric. Her home life will be looked into.
Episode 7.10 is Hotch centric. Hotch’s past with Foyet may be revisited.
Episode 7.11 is Reid centric.
Episode 7.13 is Garcia centric and will deal with her relationship with Kevin.


  1. OK, so then, are all other episodes Prentiss centric? We still have not seen much about how she feels and how is she dealing with her demons. And since this is Prentiss you know she must be trying to compartmentalize her ordeal.

  2. I really hope we will have an Emily centric episode!

  3. Seriously I agree!! I really look forward to getting into everyones life, and love the angle to the new season, but why does it seem that Prentiss is being brushed to the side? Her story is quite compelling and hope the writers take advantage of that.

    I'm not holding my breath but one can hope!

  4. I can't wait for the Reid centric one !

  5. why no one with prentiss centric? what did she do the past months?
    but it's sort of good that the team is back together.

  6. I think they should touch a little bit on what Prentiss has done the last months but not too much. She had the huge Doyle story arc last season. It is time that other characters get some drama story lines.

  7. I completely agree with the last comment about Prentiss : I too would prefer to see other characters get some drama storylines. Yes they should touch a bit on what happened to Prentiss during those seven months but after that long Prentiss/Ian Doyle arc I hope the writers don't have a big story planed for her this season.
    Of course, this is just my opinion.

  8. I agree with the persons who are anxious for the Reid centric episode(s) to air! I really hope the Reid arc is for a number of episodes. It sounds like the others are going to have an episode or more dedicated to them this season as well. But Reid seems so long overdue, especially after the headaches storyline was dropped last season as a number of episodes were dedicated to Prentiss.

    Frankly, and I just had to throw this out there, if we saw somebody having to get recertified, I would rather it was Reid!


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