Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dorado Falls review

Hi friends! Sorry for the tardy review. This knight had a busy weekend!

In Dorado Falls, the team travels to Charlottesville, VA to investigate a workplace massacre at an internet security company. After thoroughly checking out the crime scene, the team deduces that the company's CEO, Adam Warner, was the main target. Soon after, the team learns of the murders of a husband and wife, Mark and Mary Dolan. The team realizes a connection between the two murders: Luke Dolan. Luke was a Navy SEAL with Warner, and the son of Mark and Mary. The more they learned about Luke, the more it became apparent that he was not living in reality. The BAU contacted Luke's estranged wife, Jenna in fear that she and their daughter Alex may be in danger, and to get more information about Luke from them. The team finds out about a mission from his time in the navy, Dorado Falls, and also that Luke had suffered a car accident prior to the murders. This resulted in a disorder called Capgras, where Luke could recognize the voices of his loved ones, but not their faces. There was a disconnect between the voices and faces in his mind, and he thought his loved ones had been replaced with impostors.

The episode had a very different pace than the previous two episodes this season. It also seemed to "borrow" from a couple Criminal Minds episodes from the past, namely "Distress" from season 2 (because of the PTSD element) and "Penelope" from season 3 (because of the tense confrontation with the unsub in the bullpen followed by a sweet team interaction). Another sub-plot in this episode was that Morgan approached Prentiss about doing some further training since she was away so long, and that Morgan was going to do the training. It comes out that Morgan also wants to do the training for himself. I'm eager to see what will come of this, and what they will show on-screen. The episode was written by Sharon Lee Watson, a newcomer to the Criminal Minds writing team. She has worked on shows such as Lie to Me, Crossing Jordan, and The Unit. I'm excited to see her future episodes.

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  1. I don't know what they are going to do next but I haven't been let down by Criminal Minds once and I don't ever see them starting to. I missed last season because of my job but now working at DISH I have been really good about catching up to it. Especially since I have the Sling adapter that gives me LIVE TV everywhere I go one my phone or computer from DISH. It is really worth it. I never miss out on my favorite shows and I can even watch my DVR recordings when there is nothing else on. I can't wait to see what they have coming up next this episode was truly incredible.


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