Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Criminal Minds: So What Did You Think?

OMG! What a finale! Let us know what you thought in the comments!


  1. I think Erica gave me chills and made me scream during the opening! And also, I am so thankful there is a full moon out tonight!

  2. Okay, first off, Billy Flynn's (Tim Curry's character) teeth are just GROSS! And Erica Messer, who is such a sweet, pretty lady, wrote a spectacularly creepy episode. And we have to wait 17 weeks to find out what happened! You CM people really know how to toy with us!

    I am going to have to watch it again and again but WOWZA! What an episode!

  3. I loved it! I almost missed it cause of noisy children in the house. Haha.

  4. pretty good episode. Tim Curry was very good! good those teeth were awful! aw I cannot believe Spicer wass killed! and his poor little girl is now in the hand of flynn! Wonder how this will impact morgan, to be there and not being able to save the cop or the girl. Morgan was right they should have waited for backup, Flynn would not have done anything until Spicer showed up, waiting for backup would have been the thing to do.

    As far as a season ender/cliff hanger, season 3 and 4 were better because of the 'someone on the team is in peril', when someone from the team is in danger I get more involved, more worried and the emotional impact is far greater. that said i still loved the episode and cannot wait for season 6! hope we will see more of Hotch and how is his dealing with his lost and hopefully and he can find some happiness.

    anyway, thanks everyone on CM, cast, crew and writers for another great season. Wish you all some great vacations, you deserve it all!

  5. That episode is really great! Our favourite cast was so amazing! They always are! CM casting did great by bringing Tim Curry, who was really awful, thank you and Robert Davi and Eric Close. The three of them made a wonderful job. Ed, Erica, cast and crew you ROCK!

    Thank you all for season 5, looking forward to 6. Enjoy you vaca!

  6. I loved, loved, loved the season finale! LOVED it! Even though there wasn't a ton of the team or Reid in it, I loved it! Personally, after the past 2 season enders, I welcome the thought of not worrying for the next 17 weeks that someone from our team might not make it. I am worried about little Ellie though. How will this impact her and Flynn is so, I don't even know what, you know she will be damaged when and if she ever gets out of this. It was a huge change to see Morgan, who is normally knocking down doors, kicking ass and taking names to be so helpless. Between the Reaper last season and Flynn this season, we should be able to see some mental and emotional anguish playing out in Morgan's future. Wish we could have seen more of the wonderfully talented Robert Davi, but maybe in the Season 6 premiere??? Oh, how will we get through the summer? It is torturous that they wait until September to release the DVD's!

    Great episode Erica, Ed, cast and crew. Thank you again for a wonderful season. I look forward to many more!

  7. different season final, no team member in mortal danger but there are still danger, the one left by what Flynn did to Spicer and may do the Spicer's daughter, what effect this will have on Morgan who was powerless to save Spicer and his daughter.

    I did like Spicer, played by Eric Close from Without a Trace fame. Good cop who did overcome some childhood trauma and became a good cop.

    Tim Curry was beyond creepy! The man could do alot without saying much! Those teeth ewww I could almost smell his breath!

    Lots of Morgan in that episode, wish we had lots of the rest of the team too. Wonder how will Morgan will react after what happen to Spicer, especially his the daughter was rape by Flynn.

    I have to say that Ed Bernero did a wonderful job at directing. he did set a very dark, creepy, jump from your seat atmosphere! oh and LOVED that overview of the inside of the plane!

    All and all a very good season final but not as exciting as the one from previous season. But fear not i will be in front my TV come Sept, I want to see the team get Flynn! The man deserve a nice place in hell!

    to Erica Messer, you did a great job, I cannot wait to see what you will come up with next season! To the crew great job all season long! And to the cast, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, AJ Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness, once again excellent work, wish the Emmy people would acknowledge the great work you all do. Thanks for great season! see you all in sept!

  8. To be honest it wasn't my favorite season finale, but it was good. Tim Curry was freaky and gross! LOL

    The cast was great :)


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