Friday, May 28, 2010

Criminal Minds: CMRT Visits Behind the Scenes - The Final Post

We were supposed to post these last few pictures yesterday but we decided to give the Season Finale "Our Darkest Hour" a day all its own.

Here are the last few pictures from our day on the set. It was a wonderful few hours spent immersed in all that is our favorite show, Criminal Minds. The cast and crew were so gracious with their time. We hope that someday we are invited back.

At the end of our tour, the cast gathered for this exclusive CMRT shot. We cannot tell you how good-looking this cast is. Pictures do not do them justice.

Very nice of Thomas Gibson, AJ Cook, and Matthew Gray Gubler to pose for a couple of pictures for us. Thomas you really need to smile have a great smile. He was trying to be all Hotch. :)

Initially in the picture were Thomas and AJ but Matthew saw them, ran over, and said...oooh, can I be in it too? Of course, who could ever say no to that handsome face.

Thought we'd end this post with the symbols of the BAU.

So Season 5 is over and what a great season it was. Our cast is still enjoying their hiatus while the writing and production teams begin work on Season 6 next week. Erica Messer told us in chat this week that she considered herself "vacationed" and is ready to resume work on CM. We can't wait for the conclusion of "Our Darkest Hour" and look forward to what they will bring us next season.

CMRT will continue to post news and articles during the summer so please continue to visit our site. It will be a long 17 weeks but we will do our best to make them enjoyable.


  1. What great photos! Thank you for sharing them with us! Wow! How cool it is that you got to visit the set and see our team! I would love that opportunity!

  2. Love the photos. Thanks so much for sharing with us. How lucky you were to visit the set.

  3. Love the photos! Thank you for sharing! I cannot believe you got face to face with all of them. Especially Shemar Moore. He is so handsome.

  4. What great pics! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  5. Love the pics! Thanks so much for sharing them with the fans. You guys do great work!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are great!!

  7. I hope I'll be able to post a comment. I wasn't able to before. But anyway, yes you guys were so lucky to get to go to the set and meet everyone! I just love this cast. We're so lucky to have them all!



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