Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CRIMINAL MINDS: Erica Messer Chat

The CMRT chat room has been so fortunate this week to host two Criminal Minds writers! Last night, we had a spur of the moment chat with writer and co-executive producer Erica Messer. What a fun time we have had this week chatting with both Erica and Kim Harrison; both ladies were gracious with their time and were so upbeat and fun to talk with!

Erica was happy to have done so much writing in Season 5 and she gave us some really great episodes. Of course, we can't wait to see what tonight's finale brings! We spoke a little about the Criminal Minds season finale, titled 'Our Darkest Hour', but honestly, we didn't want to be spoiled too much. We did find out that Tim Curry was amazing to work with and is super creepy in this episode. 

We talked a lot about what everyone's favorite episodes were this year and the winner was clearly '100'. Can you guess which part Erica wrote? We're not going to spill the beans just yet! Rumour has it, there will be 15 minutes of extras on the Criminal Minds Season 5 DVD's just for '100' and they will break it down for you!

We discussed each of the episodes Erica wrote in Season 5. Erica talked about how she and Simon Mirren wanted to give Matthew Gray Gubler something "right up his alley" with 'Mosley Lane' and how the episode was "...half our show, half this other world he created." She spoke of how timeless the unsubs from 'Mosley Lane' were. We also discussed this season's casting quite a bit and how the show gets such great guests and what a wonderful casting team Criminal Minds has.

Erica informed us, that even though she wasn't aware of it when she was writing the episode, the car wreck she wrote in 'Retaliation' was one that she had actually been in and she realized that during filming. We talked about how much the characters have grown not only since Season 1 of Criminal Minds, but also within this season. How Hotch and JJ have this closeness now as they are the only working parents on the team and they have both lost someone close. We told Erica how we love to see the girls portrayed in stronger roles and how we love to see them together.

We spoke with Erica and confessed our addiction to Criminal Minds, but said that we were all ok with it. She was ok with it too and said it was healthier than other addictions! We are so glad she understands and keeps giving us great stories to be addicted to... ;-)

You could tell how very much Erica loves what she is doing, writing for a team who is also a family. She was such a joy to talk with. All of our guests here at the CMRT have been wonderful and we are so honored that they have taken time to discuss their work with us. Despite having a short break, I got the impression that Erica was ready to get back to work writing fantastic episodes for Season 6 of Criminal Minds!

Be sure to tune into the Criminal Minds season finale for some "spooky Bernero" directing of Erica Messer's 'Our Darkest Hour' - tonight on CBS!

Thank you again Erica, it was such a pleasure to chat with you!


  1. Indeed, all of our guests have been great. Erica was so wonderful, asking as many questions of us as we did of her. Can't wait to have her visit Camelot again!

  2. Erica was awesome! Can't wait to see tonight's episode!


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