Sunday, May 23, 2010

Criminal Minds: CMRT Visits Behind the Scenes Part 3

We got very lucky on our set visit and all of our cast were on hand that day. The atomosphere was almost a little giddy since they were just about ready for their hiatus. Lots of packing up was being done. Goodbyes being said by the writers as they prepared for their well-deserved break. It was a little like the last day of school before summer.

Here you will see all 7 chairs are out for our cast.

We couldn't get over the famous Thomas Gibson little chair. It looked so tiny between Paget Brewster's and AJ Cook's. Really wish we would have remembered to ask him about it when we spoke to him.

The man seated to your left actually controls the pictures that appear everytime JJ is presenting a case. JJ presses the remote control, he changes the image.

The scene we had the opportunity to watch being filmed took place in the BAU's Round Table room. Kind of fitting don't you think? Just judging by the crime scene pictures we saw, this is going to be a pretty intense case.

Next we walked into the BAU bullpen. This is a permanent stage and not one they build everytime they shoot here. It looks just like it does when you see it on your TV. We are actually standing right outside of Hotch's office when taking this picture. In the foreground are their desks. The lights are shining into the BAU conference room. To the left of that is the catwalk that leads to the conferene room and the darkened area to the right of that is their coffee/break area.

We have more pictures to post tomorrow.
And to answer a question posted in one of the comments, sorry no pictures of Tim Curry. I think all the guest star filming had already been completed and they were just filming the team.


  1. Hahaha!! I'd love to know why Thomas' chair is so little as well. From other interviews I've seen, he seems to like to sit leaning back with his legs straight out in front of him. A lower chair would accomodate this sitting position; I wonder if that is the reason. LOL

  2. Hahaha! I love how little Thomas' chair is. I've noticed in other interviews that he likes to sit leaning back with his legs straight out in front of him. A low chair would accomodate this position; I wonder if that is the reason why. :) I am having problems trying to post comments so this may show up twice. Sorry if it does!!


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