Friday, May 17, 2013

Joe Mantegna on 'Criminal Minds' Finale, Revisiting 'Glengarry Glen Ross'

By: Brittany Frederick

Joe Mantegna is one of the great actors in show business. Whatever the medium or the genre, he always delivers an outstanding performance. On television, he's best known as Special Agent David Rossi on CBS's long-running procedural Criminal Minds. Mantegna joined BFTV yesterday to discuss next week's double-length Criminal Minds season finale and what it's been like for him to bring Rossi to life for the last six years.

"It's a two hour episode," the actor said of Wednesday's final installment. "It's like a little movie in a way. We're able to pull out all stops and devote our energy, our finances and all that for two separate episodes into one, which I think it makes it more exciting. We get some time to explore this thing. We're able to give a proper end to our season. I think it'll be very satisfying."

One of the things the season finale does is put a period on the mystery of "The Replicator," the Unsub that's been stalking the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) team throughout this cycle. It's the latest recurring-villain plot for Criminal Minds, and Mantegna told us, "I think we've done a good job of kind of playing both sides of that street. We're certainly not like a soap opera, where it's continual story that you kind of have to tap in every week.

"For the most part, probably 80 percent if not more of what we do are stand-alone episodes and I think that's a good thing. That's what really happens in...

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