Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Criminal Minds Promo Video for The Season 8 finale 'The replicator' from CTV


  1. Seriously? It's like, hey, we all know that the only episode anybody cares about now is The Replicator. Lets completely ignore that another episode is playing right before that. And it's not just CTV. Nothing in the CBS promo for Brothers Hotchner either.

  2. I don't mind that the promo doesn't talk about the episode before the finale. No one will tune in for that one except the Beth fans. She is what they have promoted the most when talking about the Brothers Hotchner. Not Hotch and not Sean. Beth is clearly the reason for having the episode set in New York. So if you're not a fan of Beth, you probably don't care.

  3. I've waited forever for "Brothers Hotchner" because we finally get Hotch's episode since "100". So, it's sad there is no promo for the episode because kind of feel they don't care; I almost wish they air 23 and 24 separately if they treat like this. Oh well. At least no spoiler. I'm still very excited about the episode! And of course finale, too.

  4. to Anon at 6:41: I would love to see more Hotch-centric episodes! He's one of my two favorite characters, and part of the reason I've stuck with the show in spite of the declining quality of the writing.

    Unfortunately, the only time Hotch gets attention these days is if Messer can include Beth too. She cannot seem to write for Hotch unless it involves the cheesy Harlequin romance schtick.

    I want Hotch-centric episodes, but I want them to revolve around Hotch himself, and not around Messer's pet character.

  5. I love Beth. She is good for Hotch and Jack and I'm happy for them. I'm excited to see her again. And brothers Hotchner. It will be REAL Hotch-centric episode (not only beginning and end of few minutes). I'm so excited!!!

  6. I'm hoping Beth is in the episode fleetingly and it concentrates on Hotchs relationship with Sean as the title insinuates.

    I haven't connected with Beth, he'll I like James Blake more after one episode. I know Beth isn't in the show that much and when so its usually a bookend of an episode but I don't get the connection between Beth and Hotch and Beth has been Hotchs main story arc for the last two seasons, so I hope we get more of Hotch and his life separate from his personal relationship.

    I am looking forward to the episode though. Hotch is my favourite so I love when he is the focus, but I can't stand him with Beth. I like when he's happy but I feel like their connection is a little forced if non existent. It's not just their relationship, 'Nanny Dearest' was the first time I saw chemistry between JJ and Will. I liked Garcia and Kevin instantly, but that relationship seemed completely ruined in season 6 and as for Maeve and Reid, I liked the actress hated the storyline... I sound whiny I know, but I miss the days of Hotch and Hailey, even at the worst points of their relationship, it came across as a proper relationship.

    I can't wait for the finale and to see how it all plays out, I just hope Hotch gets his moment in this season. He's been in the background quite a lot and I miss boss Hotch!

  7. Hotch is a very good boss. He has an amazing team that he trusts to get the job done. A big part of being the team leader is delegating to his team what to do! I think Hotch has done an amazing job of that this season!

  8. I agree with many of the above - sadly I don't think I will be able to watch Brothers Hotchner because the Beth character looks to be in it a fair bit and she is such an appallingly bad fit for Hotch. He is such an intelligent, complex individual and she is just a badly drawn, cringeworthy generic sappy romance character. Their relationship is completely unbelievable. Like Anon above, I also felt an immediate connection with James Blake yet even a mention of the Beth woman makes me want to turn the show off. Only marginally better is the JJ/Will relationship - very little chemistry between them either although a very slight improvement in Nanny Dearest.

  9. I think I'm a minority here, but I think Hotch and Beth have great chemistry and I feel they love and care for each other and I love their development. I think writers and actors doing a great job!
    And even I love them, I'm so excited we FINALLY have episode about Hotch and Hotch's moment other than related to Beth. I hope it's going to be great one and I hope we will get more Hotch-focused episode, especially professional aspect (negotiation skill, prosecutor past, etc.) in season 9.

  10. I was so looking forward to the Brothers Hotchner episode because I wanted to see the return of Sean. Now, I'm not looking forward at all because of Beth. I don't care for her and can't believe that they are wasting lines and valuable screen time on a recurring character. I find that she's poorly written & developed, horrendously introduced (can we say stalker) and has no chemistry at all with Hotch. In my opinion, Hotch has better a better chemistry with practically every other female on the show but Beth. Even after the divorce, he & Haley had great chemistry.

    In reality, a single dad, workaholic with the job like the BAU, plus not to mention all of the issues leftover from Haley's death is not going to find the woman of his dreams the first time out. I don't mind Hotch being happy, moving on and dating, but the whole thing could have been dealt with in some conversations between him & Rossi before introducing a female character.

    I would like to see Hotch with more real story lines, like being a single dad & maybe some residual feelings from Jack over his Mom's death, etc. Not to mention all of the single woman at Jacks' soccer games hitting on him. Just one time, what if the babysitter's not available, what's he going to do? I think there are so many untapped areas to explore with this character and the writers are missing the boat. I'd like to see more of the long-time friendship/past between him & Rossi. That's something that only those two characters have.

    Just once after saying, "Wheels up in 30", I'd like to see Hotch come back to everyone and say "Sorry, it will be an hour, the jets not ready." LOL

  11. Anon at 9.39

    Sorry I reread what I wrote and I realise how you understood it. I think Hotch is a great boss too and I have loved him this season but I do miss earlier seasons Hotch post Gidoen when it was obvious Hotch was in charge. I think this season he's delegated a little too much and if I were a new viewer, I wouldn't necessarily realise he was the team leader straight away in some of the episodes.

    I love Hotch and I'll take him whenever and wherever in whatever capacity, but I kinda miss glarey drill Sargent Hotch who has been a little absent at times this year ;p


  12. Maybe the person killed will be Beth. Anyway,thought Messer said the character was gone since she's involved on another show on ABC.


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