Thursday, May 16, 2013

Criminal Minds Promotional pictures for the season 8 finale 'The Replicator'


  1. Oh Great -here comes another cliffhanger for season 8 !!! But it's all good -season 9 in four months !!!! E.J. Jahnes

  2. As a die hard Hotch fan, that can not wait to drool over THREE Hotchner men, one in Kevlar, I can only say one thing:

    Is it Wednesday yet????? :D

  3. Love those pictures especially the one with Hotch and his brother, they both look HOT! cannot wait to see those episodes!

  4. Interesting.

    I think Strauss is totally going to die.

    Btw, did anyone see the clip of Mark Hamill on the Jay Leno show? He plugged his appearance on CM.

  5. Also, I'm going to bet that Rossi is holding a sobriety token/coin that belonged to Strauss.

    I could be wrong, but that is my guess.

  6. Didn't know Hamill did plug CM, cool he did!

    As for Strauss, yes, I think it is her who dies. In the CTV promo we see Rossi draw his weapon at Morgan, wonder if the Rossi think Morgan is the replicator or is involved, remember that the replicator got Morgan's glasses in an earlier episode.

  7. I'm on board with Strauss being the goner. In a behind the scenes pic of the actress that plays Strauss, it looks like she is in the same room when Rossi pulls a gun on Morgan or is with Rossi in that room at one point.

    If the replicator does try to make the team turn on each other or tries to play with their minds it could be interesting if someone on the team hurts another member.

    It obviously centres around Strauss and Blake, it has been mentioned in many interviews that the replicator is linked to them, (I'm guessing to do with the case Stauss and Blake locked horns).

  8. I think that the Rossi pulling the gun will turn out to not be what we think it is and that the Replicator or a minion is in the room or something. Rossi looks very upset, but I don't think he's actually threatening Morgan. Perhaps it is one of those "I pretend to be the killer and you pretend to be the victim" type things.


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