Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Criminal Minds Comments Thread for episode 8.22 '#6'

Here, you can post comments and talk about tonight's new Criminal Minds episode titled '#6', and written by Breen Frazier.

Enjoy tonight's episode, and once again, remember that next week it's the 2 hour season finale!


  1. Finally - a great episode that Blake was part of. Jeanne did a fantastic job - go Blake !!!! E.J Jahnes

  2. I find it awful how much I am getting really into Criminal Minds now and we have one more episode left. I thought tonight's was once again a really great episode. I love that we finally get some backstory from Blake and that it centered around her. I found her and her husband adorable together (and that they have a better relationship then Hotch and Beth just saying. I find the job thing realistic and something a couple would find troubling in a relationship.

    Now I know some people guessed the victim was the unsub but I didn't and I thought it was a good twist. Also Reid giving advice to Blake in the car was really nice, especially since he mentioned the Maeve thing so still that plot didn't just go away.

    Again I thought this was a good team episode though most of them disappeared near the end I thought great team profiling. Anyway great episode!!!

    .................Also who else is flipping out for the season finale!!! Ahhhh so excited! And it looks like some sh*t hits the flan!


  3. I really liked this episode.I like Blake even more now that I saw her with her husband.So now I'm really hoping if they decide to get rid of the character that they don't kill her off.Instead Alex will have a very close call and decide to take her husband up on his offer.

    I just loved that Reid insisted that Alex tell him what's bothering her. She tried to say it was nothing,but she should've known better than to try and fool a profiler.I thought the advice Reid gave her was very good.And I think it gave Alex a lot to think about.

    Bah at the Morgan and JJ pairing once again. I'm getting sick of it. They did the same thing when Prentiss was there.Seriously they need to start pairing these 2 up with different team members.

  4. I liked this episode as a whole too but I didn't get the ending where Blake rushes in guns blazing and the rest of the nowhere? Odd, very odd.

    Loved Blake and Reid together. I like that they are such close friends. Reid had some really great scenes in this. But why is Hotch so out of his element? He didn't even bother to ask if Blake was all right after a phone call with her husband after which it was obvious she was upset.

    I agree with the person who said that the JJ and Morgan thing is getting to be too much. Please someone break up this pairing. They have no chemistry together as partners!

  5. I'm still mulling over last night's episode. As usual, the sick, twisted puppy that Breen is (that this CM fan luvs) wrote a great ep. But I figured out early who the unsub was, so that sorta took the wind out of my sails on this one.

    However, I loved the Blake scenes!! I'm already a fan, so it was great to see more of JT. And I loved her convo with Reid.

    The down side, of course for me, was little Hotch. But I understand. I'm going to get more than my fair share next week. So I'm OK with that.

    Btw, is it Wednesday yet??? My THREE Hotchner men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drops over at just the prospects*

    *holds up sign from floor* Imagine how I'll be next week!!


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