Wednesday, January 25, 2012

THR: "Criminal Minds Hits 150 Episodes: EP Erica Messer Reflects on Series' Evolution, Reveals Season 7 Secrets (Q&A)"

Reminiscent of the season 4 closer, the showrunner tells THR that the seventh season will close out with a two-hour finale.
8:00 AM PST 1/25/2012 by Philiana Ng

Criminal Minds is hitting another milestone: 150 episodes.

Riding strong in season 7, the CBS procedural has had its share of headline-making news with numerous cast departures -- and subsequent returns. Still, the show -- centered on an eclectic team of profilers in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) -- continues to average nearly 13 million total viewers per week in its current season and showing no signs of significant ratings deterioration.

"Episode 200 would be during season 9 so bring us back. It's not that far away.," showrunner Erica Messer half-joked to The Hollywood Reporter, referencing network-mate NCIS' big feat airing Feb. 7.

Messer, who has been with Criminal Minds since the very beginning, chatted with THR on two separate occasions -- once in November during filming and again just one day before air -- about the show evolution, details of episode 150 (suspect: serial rapist called The Piano Man) and hints at the season 7 finale (hint: it's two hours).

Erica Messer: The one thing we've been able to continue to do is tell fresh and compelling stories. Early on people were afraid this show wouldn't have enough bad guys to last a year and here we are seven years in. The way we've evolved is really through our characters. We've been able to learn more and more...

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  1. Interesting article.
    I just wished they had focused a little more on Reid before the end of the season, I seriously miss him like I have never missed him before.
    But I suppose 'True Genius' was the only episode/story for him this season.


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