Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One on One: A.J. Cook Previews 150th Episode of 'Criminal Minds'

By Michael Rothman

The Playboy Club got cancelled after a mere two shows back in October. The cutthroat response to a highly-anticipated show, like Playboy, further proved that networks aren’t playing around these days, not at all. So, when a show makes it to episode 150, there is definitely cause for celebration. Criminals Minds will reach this coveted milestone tonight with “Unknown Subject.” The Subject may be unknown but what is clear is that A.J. Cook (JJ) is definitely crucial to the show. Her fans made this evident last year by lobbying for her return to the series; her short sabbatical obviously didn’t take. We talked with Cook about tonight’s episode featuring a “top-shelf creepy” unsub, the “Piano Man.”

How are you today?

So far so good. Just dropped my son off at school and I’ve been flirting with the women of Criminal Minds via text all letters back and forth that started last night [laughs].

Congrats on 150 episodes, what does this mean for a modern day network show?

It’s bananas...everyday I just sort of think, how did I get here? It’s so great to be on a show and get to 100, let alone 150. So, we feel pretty lucky and we’re definitely not taking it for granted.

Tells us about tonight, we get to see the “Piano Man” return to assault his previous victims?

Ahhh, the “Piano Man.” Well, we have some great guest stars per usual because our casting is incredible and this killer comes back, and we are not sure if it’s a copy cat or what’s going on...then there’s the personal stuff, which I really love. Prentiss is trying to come to terms with what had happened and all that.

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