Friday, January 27, 2012


As I not so subtly teased in last week's column, I hopped on the phone with Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer this week ahead of the 150th episode to get a status on our friends at the BAU. And in the process, she was also kind enough to take on a few of the many, many questions y'all sent in. (If you don't see yours here, maybe I addressed it in the piece earlier this week, which you can read here.) Read on for more:

Hi, would love to know if Hotch love interest Beth is here to stay? Love the character and I hope she is! Thanks! – A Big Hotch Fan

In short, yes, she'll be sticking around. To elaborate, Messer says she hopes that Hotch's joy and excitement over this new relationship is as important to fans as it is to her. “There's no win across the board,” she says. “Finding...

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