Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Criminal Minds Episode thread for Unknown Subject

Please post your comments about the episode here.


  1. The episode was good, Breen Frazier did a really good job.
    The case kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
    I was also really glad to see that the scene between Hotch and Prentiss wasn't overdone. The reference to Sergio as being the perfect man was cute.
    When Hotch talked about being profiled through his office window I wondered if he was talking about being tired of his own team watching him...I hope not.
    I sort of missed Reid, and I suppose that 'True Genius' will be his only spotlight for the season. I guess I'll deal with it, no other choice here. I still love it that he got to use his big brain.
    So, all in all, great episode with a solid case, a good unsub and good profiling moments.

  2. Great episode and the ending was kinda unexpected. The Hotch-Prentiss scene was also done nicely, not cheezy at all.But I would like to see more of Hotch, more Hotch please...

  3. Well, that was certainly an interesting episode, interesting and creepy in a good way. I will never be able to listen to some songs without thinking of that case now, but I'm not complaining.
    It would make sense for Hotch to talk to Prentiss about her recovery and about how it affected her work and her relationship with her coworkers.
    Though, one has to wonder if he did the same thing with Reid because there's no way Reid didn't lie to pass his psych eval and return to work right after the Tobias Hankel incident (and while battling a drug addiction).

    Speaking of Reid I missed him too. Given what the various writers said about the upcoming episodes and the spoilers, I don't think there'll be much for him to do for the remainder of the season, which, quite frankly, is just plain depressing.
    I still hope they give us some good scenes with him and put his genius to good use ....even if he doesn't appear much.

  4. I liked the episode, although it improved after I saw it a second time. Even though Prentiss got the bulk (as it should be) personally, I think everyone was treated well and was utilized in a good fashion. I thought the jet scene was perfect. Didn't feel one bit that they were trying to hint something. It was in character for both Prentiss and Hotch and their friendship. Loved Prentiss' reaction to being called out about saying she's contacted her mother. And, I was fine with Hotch saying he's tired of being profiled. None of them like being profiled. And, I took it that it was more him saying that he knew the team would profile *her* if they saw her having a conversation in his office and he was sparing her that.

    As far as the case,I was initially worried when I heard that there was some twist. It's too easy to be more worried about being clever than telling an honest story. But I think Breen did a good job. The twists weren't too "look how crafty a writer I am" but made sense. And, there were a lot of things that he could have done that he didn't that I really appreciated. With them having two unsubs and having it a mystery of who was or wasn't, they could have skimped on the victim focus. But, they didn't. And, it wasn't just showing Regina with Hamilton. I really appreciated the scenes of Prentiss and JJ interviewing the other victims. And that they put care into those scenes. (I also loved seeing JJ and Prentiss together period). Loved that they gave the Diana character a substantial role. That's what I love. When they talk to the victims and their loved ones. I also appreciated that they didn't have a cognitive interview scene. With talk of subconscious memories, they could have had one. And, sometimes I think they rely on them a little too much.

    I love that there were interrogation scenes. Actually, I love that, with a few exceptions, most of scenes with a team member and a guest star were them sitting across from each other at a table. I like talking and outsmarting.

    I could have done with fewer scenes of Regina and Hamilton, but I just have a low tolerance for scenes that don't have someone in the main cast.

    I also figured that for Prentiss admitting she was having a bad day was as big a step as she was able to take at that point, and she didn't go into detail about it. And, it seems from what was said at the chat, that was the intent.


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