Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome New Criminal Minds writer Sharon Lee Watson

*picture courtesy of CM_SetReport

This week’s Criminal Minds episode “Dorado Falls” was written by Sharon Lee Watson (pictured above with veteran CM Director Felix Alcala). Ms. Watson is one of our three new writers this season. According to her IMDB page, Ms. Watson’s has previously written three episodes of Lie to Me, ten episodes of The Unit and a couple episodes of Crossing Jordan.

Criminal Minds Round Table welcomes Ms. Watson to the Criminal Minds family and can’t wait to see the vision she brings to Season 7.


  1. Hey, after seeing this writer in action, I say she's a keeper. This was a very good case based episode. And very nice use of the team.

    Now I'm interested in how she handles a character focused episode. Those are my favorites. If she does as good a job on one of those as she did on this one, that will be another point in her favor.

  2. It was a good episode,the most recent one about the Merry Wives and such but I find it offensive that she links satanism with gothica. I am a proud goth and a christian. Gothica has nothing to do with Satanism, its merely the idea of finding beauty in all things and a love of fine arts and the unknown. Not, in any way, is gothica a religion. On the other hand, if she had done her research she would know that the practice of Satanism is the belief in worshipping yourself instead of a diety or god. Please, if you read this Sharon, refrain from further instigating the stereotype that gothica is evil. -Lauren Parnell (


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