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Criminal Minds talk about Episode 7.03 'Dorado Falls' Here. Beware of SPOILERS

Max Martini ("The Unit") Guest Stars as Navy Veteran Luke Dolan
         "Dorado Falls" - The BAU team investigates a mass murder at an Internet security company in Charlottesville, Va., but clues reveal it is not a typical serial killer at work. Also, Prentiss must complete recertification training under Morgan's watchful eye, on CRIMINAL MINDS, Wednesday, Oct. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Max Martini ("The Unit") guest stars as Navy veteran Luke Dolan.

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  1. Fantastic episode... the unsub was awesome... whoever played him was great... had me on edge the whole time. Touching scenes with him and his wife

    Loved marine Rossi... he did the business

    And the Morgan/Prentiss scene at the end was wonderful... those two are awesome together.. shame we don't get to see the training.... or the neck rub ;)

  2. Interesting episode, with everyone on the team having something to do. Nice scenes between Emily and Derek at the start and end of the episode. Reid was the one who figured out what was wrong with the unsub. Shallow me has to say that Hotch looked mighty fine :D

  3. Great episode. Lots of profiling and the whole team was involved. The Morgan/Prentiss scenes were awesome. They are really great together.

  4. I loved, loved, loved that episode !
    I adore episodes where they use Reid's big brain. I'll definitely watch this one more than once.

  5. I LOVE they show that the Team use (take advantage of)J.J. Pentagon contacts

  6. I wish they would cut this Morgan/Prentiss crap. There are four other people they could team her up with. And someone should tell Morgan he's not the boss anymore.

  7. I thought this was a nice solid episode. The writer seems to have a good handle on the team as a group and individually. It was nice to see JJ talk to the media and her getting information on the mission the unsub had been involved in actually does seem like something she would have gained from her time away. Everyone had something to do.

    There were some nice touches. Prentiss bringing up that she knew the head space Dolan was in. The discussion at the end with her and Morgan. Of course Morgan still has issues and them being that he's worried for himself make sense.

  8. Loved the episode. The unsub was so well played by the actor. Great story

    The team worked really well together and Rossi was great. Emily's scene with the little girl was lovely and interesting to see her starting to parallel what happened to her with what's happening with the unsub

    Lovely scenes with Morgan and Prentiss. He's trying to make sure they're back on track and doesn't want to lose her again and she totally understands where he's coming from.... It would be totally unrealistic for things to be back to normal straight away

    Overall a fantastic episode.. Well done writers!!!

  9. Episode 3 is CM at it best. This was a very engaging show. I like all of it. I thought the scene with Morgan and Prentiss was excellent and Rossi was a good move. I like the profiling last night too. Sometime it can be heavy handed on the side of the unsub or heavy on the team relationship, but this was a good balance. I want to make side comment, and that is people please watch the show, let the writers write and not be so judgmental about who has more scene time with who. I don't get the whole issue with this character should be with this character. We just got two cast members back. Let be happy with that. It just a great show with great fans but all the cast has fans and we should respect and let the show be what it was meant to be. A show about these smart cats catching these really bad cats. And remember the cast all have access to the interwebs, so let's be cool. Peace

  10. As a fan of Max Martini, it was a treat to see him as the troubled unsub. Writer made you feel empathy for his character.

    The moments between Morgan and Prentiss were priceless, as most of their scenes together are. Paget and Shemar have such great chemistry. Loved Rossi being the hero and hearing more of his military background. His character is underused. Reid was Reid at his best. Good profiling on the team's part. Every team member had a moment. Well-balanced episode.

  11. I think this was a good episode-at least there trying to even out the casts time in the hour of the show.It's the team and the writers are doing a good job -keeping everybody involved.


  12. Great episode... I really loved it. They maanaged to use all the team really well.. Rossi was great with the Unsub... always wandered when we'd get to see 'Marine' Rossi. Emily with the little girl was lovely... heartbreaking at the end. JJ was worked in well to the team now she's a profiler... and I'd really love to see some more Hotch and Morgan action scenes...
    And what can I say about the unsub... he was brilliant.. really had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning... what a great actor!
    And of course the Morgan & Prentiss scenes were just lovely, particularly at the end... they need to work through their stuff and are doing it in a wonderful way... would love to have seen the training ;)

  13. Wonderful episode ! The Reid scenes were my favorite parts, but everyone got a chance to shine, which is great.
    Can't wait for next week !

  14. A big thank you to Sharon Lee Watson and to everyone else who worked on this fantastic episode. I really enjoyed it, the case was a solid one and the team was at its best.
    I loved the team interactions and seeing Hotch and Reid working together was great (we don't see that enough in my opinion, but maybe that's just me).
    Loved Reid's line about the Doctor Who convention, you know he would love to attend one :) . But more than that, Reid was fantastic with his facts and knowledge. The use of Rossi's background was great. Hotch was in charge and his usual very efficient self. Morgan, JJ, Prentiss and Garcia all had their moments too.

    Congratulations for the great ratings on this episode guys, it's more than deserved.

  15. It was a great episode. I agree with everybody on most parts however I'd like to express my opinion in one particular point. I have respect to all cast, they are awesome and since there are 7 of them, it is really challenging to give everybody a chance to have their own moments. The writers did an amazing job on balancing everybody. However, there was one tiny detail that bothered me a little. I thought Prentiss' and JJ's part in last night episode should have been opposite. I rather see JJ with families and Emily in the field or at the squad room. JJ is doing a great job being a profiler and I am not suggesting that her duties should be limited to talking to the families, no, but considering Emily's background (she has been a BAU profiler for a long time and was a spy before that) her skills are much more needed on the field. That is just my opinion, no disrespect to anybody. Thanks!

  16. It was okay, not great. I'd seen this particular delusion portrayed on other shows so I had the unsub's issues figured out when I saw the previews for the episode last week so nothing shocking there. I really didn't understand why the unsub was killing people. I realize he thought they'd replaced the real people in his life, but why would that make him want to kill them? I thought the unsub made it to the BAU awfully fast, but I can overlook that. Prentiss really couldn't control a 70 pound kid? Perhaps she does need that training after all. That too was stupid. So Morgan is just bypassing Hotch now and mandating things for Hotch's agents to satisfy his own personal needs? Really? The Genie/rub my lamp banter between Morgan and Garcia was creepy. Reid's Dr. Who comment was cute. Nice to see Rossi's past military experience brought up and utilized. Hotch really didn't do anything but stand around and deliver stale dialogue so there's really nothing to talk about there. Really don't like Garcia presenting the cases, but I guess I'll just have to get used to that. The absolute most ugh-worthy moment for me though was when JJ shows up at the DOD/Pentagon supposedly utilzing her "connections". Really writers make up your mind. Was she stolen away by the DOD or by the State Department or do you just plan to continue to change that depending on the storyline and what kind of connections you need her to have. I'd give the episode a C+. Am glad it did well in the ratings though. : )

  17. Great ratings for a brilliant episode. I agree with the overwhelming majority of posters here, the case was interesting and the team work was splendid. For a first time writer, I think Sharon Lee Watson did an outstanding job, the characters felt really 'in character' so to speak, especially Reid. I hope to see more episodes from that writer in the future.

  18. A great episode. The team is back and working well together! Am waiting for the fall-out between Hotch and Morgan tho for Hotch keeping "the secret". It would not be believable that there is no angst on Morgan's side. Thomas Gibson looked better in this episode too - he had been a bit too thin in the first 2 episodes.


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