Saturday, February 20, 2010

Criminal Minds Favorite Unsubs - Part 6

Megan Kane, portrayed by Brianna Brown, in Pleasure is My Business (S4, Ep 16)

She can also be considered a victim and we think this is why she stands out in our memory... there is no excuse/motive good enough for her actions and yet we felt some empathy for her and certainly were almost sad that she died at the end. She’s a two-fer (2 for 1).

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  1. Yeah that was sad. :( I found it interesting that she was distrustful of all men but was immediately able to recognize Hotch as a man if integrity and she dared to trust him. When she mistakenly thought she had been wrong and he was just another shmuck, she was dismayed and distraught and IMO, devolved even faster than she would have had that not happened. In the end, while her dad remained the shmuck that he was, she at least had her faith in Hotch restored and he stayed with her until her end. *sniffle* Hotch rocks.


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