Sunday, February 21, 2010

Criminal Minds Favorite Unsubs - Part 7

Vincent Perotta, portrayed by Patrick Kilpatrick, in Natural Born Killer (S1, Ep 8)

Vincent Perotta was a serial killer with the perfect job – he was a hit man. He only killed men though (killing his father over and over again), but he was thrown off his game when there was a woman at his last job – he brutally tortured and murdered the men, but the woman, he killed her quickly with no torture. This brought him to the attention of the BAU and once they had him in custody, we got a tantalizing piece of Hotch backstory – his father physically abused him! We also met Agent Kramer from the Baltimore Field Office and found out that the actor portraying him was once under consideration for the role of Hotch. WTF?!?!


  1. Yeah, that was nice to have backstory on Hotch. Would love to have even more backstory and more Horch and Jack scenes every once in a while. Hotch and Jack scenes would show us how his post-Haley and fatherhood struggles are going, and is a good way for the audience to see Hotch actually smile and laugh with his son without being out of character or being inconsistent with his mourning. Although, I suppose that Jack would still be sad as well so I dunno, never mind LOL.

  2. P.S. That is an interesting tidbit about that actor being considered for the role of Hotch. Haha, I bet the CM people are sooo glad they went with Thomas Gibson...... Best. Actor. Ever!!! LOL.


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